‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain Pokes at Caroline Bedol

Although they’ve had minimal contact since season 6, there’s still no love lost between Kate Chastain and Caroline Bedol from Below Deck.

Chastain has responded only a few times to Bedol’s tweets and recently discussed what happened with Bedol during season 6. Bedol was only on the show last year, and for nine episodes. But, she continues to be a polarizing cast member. She’s active on social media, commenting on the show and sometimes sharing videos and hosting live Instagram chats.

Josiah Carter, Kate Chastain
Josiah Carter, Kate Chastain | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Bedol recently responded to an article that included comments about “a woman” on Below Deck who needed psychiatric help. Mark Cronin, co-founder of 51 Minds Entertainment told EW, “We are more careful after the show stops taping to keep in close contact with everybody. We keep an eye on them. We had a woman on Below Deck who needed psychological counseling after the show… There were danger signs, she was crying out for help in different ways, and we made sure she got professional counseling.”

Bedol responded to a comment about the article

The interview was featured in a story by Champagne and Shade. A Twitter user asked, “Who else thinks the cast member needing psychiatric help was Caroline??”

Bedol responded, “I told @BravoTV if they didn’t protect the truth of the sexual harassment I endured at the hands Kate, I would publish a phone recording. Their psychologist called me the next day and insisted I was manic & the incident occurred only in my mind. #belowdeck.” She added, “A woman telling another woman to stop speaking out about sexual harassment….you are proof that it’s not just men who support rape culture.”

Later Bedol tweeted, “Fact: women can be misogynists. Misogynistic behavior has been the focus of this season’s #belowdeck. The appended excerpts invite an obvious question: why do we applaud @Kate_Chastain yet condemn the ‘brus’ for the same behavior?” Bedol included a link to a Psychology Today article, “12 Ways to Spot a Female Misogynist.”

Chastain snarks back at Bedol

Chastain doesn’t typically comment on Bedol’s tweets. However, she joked about Bedol joining her for BravoCon when Bedol tweeted about the event. And she recently made another comment in response to Bedol’s tweet where she tagged Chastain. “I’m starting to get the feeling you’re upset about something,” Chastain responded.

Bedol replied to Chastain. “I was overturned for a long time by what you put me through. Forgave you so I could heal. Regrouped. Now not driven by emotion, but a social responsibility to expose the patterns of psychopaths like yourself, who delight in making others suffer.”

Then Chastain dropped, “a social justice hero.” Chastain recently discussed Bedol with Heather McDonald on her Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast. McDonald asked Chastain about how she left things with Bedol. “I was so nice to her and so patient with her,” she said. “Basically she was just there collecting money. She was down a charter, she was going to the doctor every single time. She was only there for two weeks and went to the doctor four times.”