‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain Returns to Florida During the Coronavirus Threat

Sometimes there really is no place like home, especially during a pandemic. Although Kate Chastain from Below Deck moved to New York City, she’s returned home to Florida during the coronavirus threat.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain|Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

New York City has become a coronavirus red zone area in the United States. And even though Chastain officially moved into a new apartment in the city, she packed up and headed south. “18 hour road trip from NYC to Florida thank you @Andy and @RadioAndySXM hosts for broadcasting light yet informative programming during #coronavirus,” she tweeted on March 16 along with a picture of her dog, Halo.

Only the prior week, she tweeted about proudly moving into her new crib. “Officially moved from a studio apartment into a place with an actual living room,” she shared along with a video of Halo playing inside a box.

She’s kept her sense of humor

Despite fleeing from New York, Chastain has still kept her sharp sense of humor during the pandemic. Only days before she moved into her new apartment, she had an impending sense of doom. “I’m not saying the last 6 months are giving me apocalypse vibes…… but if in the next couple of weeks there’s another record breaking natural disaster, or rampant deadly plague spreading throughout humanity, I’m probably going to stop giving a s**t about my credit score,” she tweeted.

She also started to get a little nervous about the coronavirus on March 12. “Me and my dog Halo in my apartment right now after waking up to the latest corona virus news,” she tweeted along with a Wizard of Oz Giphy. Chastain posted a photo of a thermometer too. “4.74 Uber rating in the streets, 98.3 body temp. in the sheets,” she wrote.

Podcast, Watch What Crappens hilariously tweeted, “The Coronavirus is like a terrible guest on Below Deck, and we’re just waiting for Kate to fix it all.” Chastain replied, “Let’s get it drunk and hope it passes out.”

She’s taking it seriously (but still keeping it light)

She also shared a video of Halo, wearing plastic bags on his feet while she was still in New York. “Not taking any chances on our dog walk,” she shared along with a video.

Once she left for Florida, Chastain began to share tweets with the hashtag QuarantineDeepThoughts. “CrossFit people are going to lose their minds,” she tweeted. Later adding, “Shouldn’t it be called ‘antisocial distancing’.”

A number of celebrities and reality personalities who are quarantined are either going live on Instagram or making TikTok videos. “Being stuck inside for weeks might even cause me to make a TikTok,” she tweeted. And added, “Why are there so many damn IG live streams in my story feed.”

She had more quips on Twitter too. “Isotoner should come out with a line of covid protecting gloves and call them Isolators.” And had a good point. “This is probably the end of the ‘small sharable plates’ trend.” She later shared a video of an empty Florida beach. “Tell me when it’s safe to return to New York,” she wrote.