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Fans blasted Andy Cohen for going soft on Ashton Pienaar from Below Deck when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Many hoped Cohen would hold Pienaar accountable for his misogynistic behavior and gross mismanagement of the deck crew.

Cohen did ask the hard questions. However, Pienaar continued to state that he was “self-reflecting” and “making changes” without truly expressing any remorse or apologizing. His responses angered fans. Many took to Twitter to slam him for continuing to deflect and insist others involved should also be blamed.

Captain Lee Rosbach, Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain, Simone Mashile, Courtney Skippon, Brian de Saint Pern, Kevin Dobson, Tanner Sterback, Ashton Pienaar
Captain Lee Rosbach, Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain, Simone Mashile, Courtney Skippon, Brian de Saint Pern, Kevin Dobson, Tanner Sterback, Ashton Pienaar | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Although not everyone was angry with Cohen, all fans were nearly in agreement about one thing — the season 7 reunion. Viewers were not sure if a reunion would occur. But Cohen confirmed the reunion was on and would air early next month. But after seeing Cohen refusing to hold Pienaar’s feet to the fire, fans call for a host who will.

Comedian Leslie Jones is even exhausted with the season

Comedian Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Live created a cult following after she began watching the show and live-tweeting along with video commentary. Jones doesn’t hold back in her reviews of each scene, often blasting the deck team for their actions.

While her comments were mainly funny in the past, even Jones was disgusted with the last episode. When the men mocked the women at the Thai market, Jones wondered how two of the men, who have daughters, would feel if someone treated their child this way. “I’m really like done….I’m good in this show. @belowdeckbravo @kate_chastain @captain_lee_rosbach,” she wrote. “I would have gotten kicked off the boat because I would have fought all three or four of them,” she added in her video.

She later added that the show’s dark turn was no longer entertaining either. “At this point it’s not entertainment anymore. I’ve dealt with bullys and this….I Um I can’t do it no more. It’s like being high school again f**k this.”

Fans call for Jones to host the reunion

Many fans could not believe the easy time Pienaar had on WWHL. “Ashton to Andy: Rhylee has a problem with every man on the boat for 2 seasons,” one person remarked on Twitter. “#wwhl Andy, Andy? No follow up? He just gets to throw that dig in?” Another person wrote, “Watched #WWHL and Ashton was thoroughly disappointing. As the great Leona Lansing said ‘There’s something I don’t think you’re understanding. You have a PR problem because you have an actual problem.’”

As a result, a slew begged for Jones to host the reunion because they knew she would hold Pienaar and the deck team accountable. “Instead of a reunion where we have to hear more excuses, just lock the deck crew and Kevin in a room and let @Lesdoggg yell at them for an hour. I’d pay to watch. #BelowDeck,” one person suggested.

“@BravoWWHL needs to put @Lesdoggg on the reunion show as either a guest host with @Andy, side commentator, or an off-Yacht member of #BelowDeck!” another wrote. Jones insisted she was done with Below Deck after last night’s episode. But the previews showed chef Kevin Dobson bringing out a penis cake, which brought her back. “I know I said I might not watch, but this episode … I might watch this episode,” she remarked in a video.