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Aesha Scott from Below Deck Mediterranean says she now realizes that Jessica More is a “very, very jealous person.”

Scott and More’s boyfriend Rob Westergaard banter about a sexually explicit topic for a few minutes, which annoyed More. Although they downshifted into talking about country exports, More was irritated with their banter and Alex Radcliffe pointed out that More was jealous.

Aesha Scott
Aesha Scott|Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Scott didn’t realize More was annoyed with her comments at the time. “Knowing what I know now, looking back, Jess is just a very, very jealous person,” Scott remarked during the Below Deck Med After Show.

“And I think it was literally just the fact that like this new bubbly girl had come onto the boat,” Scott continued. “And Rob was having a focused conversation with her. It didn’t matter what we would have been talking about. I think just then was enough to make Jess feel insecure.”

Aesha Scott was surprised that Jessica More was annoyed

More expressed that she was taken aback by the conversation Scott struck up with the crew. “If you have completely fallen in love with someone, like head over heels madly in love, and then after you found out that they had a micropenis, would you stay with them,” Scott asked during the episode. More immediately responded and joked, “Yeah, I still love him.” She gestured to Westergaard as he seemed to be in on the joke too.

Scott was surprised to later hear that More was put off by the conversation even though she though seemed to be in on the banter. “I feel like most of that conversation we were like talking about imports and exports and the agriculture and stuff like that,” Scott recalled.

“So when I heard that she was annoyed, I was like, ‘Oh what?’ Really? Like we were literally having the most normal conversation,” Scott said. “I guess coming from a family with four older brothers. I just kind of grew up in a family where we always have a lot of sex jokes and that’s also common in yachting culture.”

More thinks the conversation was completely inappropriate

More suggested that she has repressed the memory of the conversation and she’d deal with it later in therapy. “I think all I can remember is feeling like this is completely inappropriate and disgusting,” More recalled. “Why are you two discussing this right now? I’m sitting here just being like repulsed I guess?”


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“Why are you discussing micropenises and wide vaginas?” More added. “Like who even discusses that? Like what the f**k? Why are you guys discussing it together? It wasn’t like ‘Oh are you on top or the bottom?’ It was a whole different ballgame. Fetishes.”

Meanwhile, Westergaard and Radcliffe see the conversation as banter. “I think with Rob and Jess, I think they had a deep, spiritual relationship,” Radcliffe observed. “And I think they joked around, but I think you guys were more like feelings and moments. I think maybe she was getting jealous, like why can’t you do that with me?”