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Alex Radcliffe and Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean filmed the season 5 reunion and both indicated that it was pretty explosive.

Captain Sandy Yawn
Captain Sandy Yawn| Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“An absolute sh**tshow,” Radcliffe exclaimed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “It was just so much drama. Everyone just wanted to complain, talk s**t. I was just eating popcorn and drinking wine literally the whole time. So it was stressful to watch.”

More agreed. “That was definitely the most intense group conversation I’ve ever had,” she said.

Some cast members ended the season with unresolved conflict

Radcliffe stayed out of the fray for the most part, which is probably why he sat back and drank wine. However, nearly every other cast member, especially those who were fired or quit left with unresolved conflict with another cast member.

Chief stew Hannah Ferrier never discussed how she left the boat with Captain Sandy Yawn or bosun Malia White. White found Ferrier’s unregistered prescription valium and sent a photo of it to Yawn. Yawn fired Ferrier.

“If I have something to say I’m just gonna come to you,” she said about White on Danny Pellegrino’s Everything Iconic podcast. “I don’t need to go through Sandy or find another way. I’d much prefer somebody who was occasionally a little blunt but actually came to my face. As opposed to somebody who went … you know … like that. It was, yeah disappointing.” 

Also, chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran left the crew under tough circumstances. He missed the mark during the Vegas night themed meal and left the crew after the charter ended. He shared that Yawn put doubt in his mind. “What can I say? I really messed up on that night,” Lorran said on the Spill the Rosé Instagram Live. “I don’t agree with her action and all like I think was totally wrong because I do get that. And that never happened in my life. Yeah. So I would never do it. But if I was the captain as well and I have that situation with their food, I would not fire myself.”

New conflict also arose

Viewers likely know that Rob Westergaard and More didn’t go the distance and may not have even gone to Bali together either. More previously shared that the couple no longer speaks so the reunion is probably the first time the couple is face to face since parting ways.

“We don’t really communicate,” More told InTouch.“He has a really good heart deep down in there somewhere. I wish him the best of luck but I don’t think we’ll really be communicating [in the future].”


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White and boyfriend chef Tom Checketts also seem to have broken up. White removed images of Checketts shortly after he started to appear on the show. The two also stopped following each other on Instagram. They reconnected briefly in London, but White recently shared she was single. Checketts also updated his Instagram profile picture, replacing the image of the couple with a selfie.