‘Below Deck Med’: Alex Radcliffe Makes a Surprising Discovery in a Guest’s Cabin

Deckhand Alex Radcliffe from Below Deck Mediterranean gets a little more than what he bargained for when he agrees to help third stew Jessica More clean cabins.

Pete Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Radcliffe jokes about filling in as the second stew and that More is still the third. But when he arrives to clean one of the cabins, he makes a shocking discovery that has him dissolving into laughter. Alas, a guest has left a graphic sex toy in full display and the discovery is not lost on the deckhand.

“That’s what you call a good d**ing right there,” Radcliffe laughs in a confessional. Producers blurred out the object because it is so explicit. He seems stunned looking at the toy, continuing to laugh.

“It’s a kickstand,” he laughs to himself while standing in the cabin. He walks off to find More, likely to share his finding.

This isn’t the first ‘personal’ item found on the series

Third stew Caroline Bedol from Below Deck discovered a used condom on a nightstand during season 6. Like Radcliffe, Bedol is seen doing nightly turn downs and stumbles across the condom. She visibly gags, but then decides to prank deckhand Ashton Pienaar. She grabs him as he walks by the cabin and only asks if could “handle something.”

He initially walks over to help her but stops in his tracks when he sees what is on the nightstand. They have a good laugh, but the guest didn’t find any of the footage to be very funny. In fact, the guest insists the condom was planted by producers.

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“If you look closely at the footage, my fiancé and I were merely cuddling in the Crow’s nest, as for the condom Carolyn happened to have ‘found it’ and water was gushed all over it before to showed it to Ashton,” guest Charles Michael Yim shared on Instagram. “This might be too much info but my fiancé and I don’t use condoms. So where did it come from? As for social media, sure we took pics and videos. Not sure what’s wrong with that.”

The crew has also found serious items in cabins too

While the crew has mocked guest’s clothing and found a sex toy or two, one crew member found illegal drugs during season 1. Second stew Kat Held was doing nightly turn downs and found white powder and a rolled-up dollar bill on a guest’s nightstand.

She grappled with the dilemma because illegal drugs on board could cost the crew their license. The captain could even go to jail. But turning them in also meant that the crew would work a good portion of the charter and end up with no tip. Ultimately she did the right thing and alerted chief stew Adrienne Gang.

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Gang told Captain Lee Rosbach and he turned the yacht around. Rosbach didn’t tell the guests why he was returning to the dock until the boat was secured. That’s when he lowered the boom, kicking the guests off the boat. This group of guests were the first charter guests on the series.