‘Below Deck Med’: Captain Sandy Reveals 3 Dream Team Crew Members

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean shared that she would hire three former cast members to be on her “dream team.” She named Christine “Bugsy” Drake, bosun Wesley Walton, and deckhand Max Hagley, who all appeared during season 2.

Yawn joined Drake for an Instagram Live to discuss Drake’s new tablescaping book. Yawn expressed being proud of Drake for publishing the book and the two discussed what being a yachtie meant to both of them. After four seasons on the show, Yawn said she’d definitely hire Drake back, along with Walton and Hagley.

Captain Sandy Yawn calls to the 'Below Deck Med' crew
Captain Sandy Yawn calls to the ‘Below Deck Med’ crew |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Captain Sandy’s dream team crew are all from her first season of ‘Below Deck Med’

Yawn beamed with pride as she and Drake discussed her book. “You’re just such a good human being and I’m grateful that we met,” Yawn shared. “I always say my dream team, you’d definitely be on it. Like if I ever go back to the real world of captaining, you know, just like get on a boat, I’d hire you, Max … I miss Max! People miss Max. You know what I mean? Max is so funny.”

“You know, I just love Max,” Yawn added. “And Wes, he’s a great guy, Wes. There are some great people out there. So I feel blessed and I’m so proud of you with this book and I can’t wait to buy it.”

Yawn and Drake both agreed that their passion for the yachting industry is that they have a servant’s heart. “You speak about servant’s hearts but you have one of the biggest,” Drake said to Yawn. “I think a lot of people who know you, whether it’s on TV or not on TV, they can see that from a mile away. And I think it’s so important, You’re a woman pioneer in yachting, which is like a man’s world.”

The crew reflects on the captain, according to Captain Sandy

Viewers saw how well Drake performed as both second and chief stew. She also consistently delivered for Yawn too. Hagley and Walton were also good at their job with Hagley staying out of the drama during season 2. While Walton tried to steer clear, he ended up in a messy situation and started dating deckhand Malia White. White was already dating chef Adam Glick and the love triangle became problematic. However, Walton managed to keep his personal issues off the deck.

Yawn has shared in the past that the crew reflects on the captain, which is probably why she chose these three crew members. “The crew reflects on the captain, so I expect a lot, but I also believe in people,” she told MarineMax.


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“When I’ve had crew do stupid things, I tell them, ‘Look at where your feet are,’” she added. “As long as I believe in the crew and show I’m not above what I’m asking to do, they don’t want to let me down. You have to have people skills. You can’t be a dictator. I’m direct. I’m kind. When I’ve had to fire someone, I say, ‘I like you, I want to stay in touch with you, but I can’t keep you on board because you’re not doing your job.’”