‘Below Deck Med’: Colin Macy-O’Toole Shares Wild Experiences in Boating (And the Funny Moment He Met Andy Cohen)

Before he was a beloved deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean, Colin Macy-O’Toole commanded the ferry back and forth from Fire Island and shared some pretty insane incidents that occurred on his route.

Andy Cohen, Joao Franco and Colin Macy-O'Toole
Andy Cohen, Joao Franco and Colin Macy-O’Toole | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Macy-O’Toole dished with the hosts from the Out in the Wild podcast about how he ended up on Below Deck Med, his crazy experiences as a ferryboat captain, plus his first encounter with Bravo producer Andy Cohen. Macy-O’Toole says his first brush with Cohen occurred long before he ended up on the show. He added that landing on Below Deck Med was almost a fluke as he was originally supposed to appear on Below Deck season 5 when Nico Scholly was bosun.

Even though he applied to be on the show as a joke, he was called for Below Deck season 5. His girlfriend at the time didn’t want him to go on the show, so he backed off. Macy-O’Toole later found himself single and set sail on Below Deck Med. While he may have found some of the guests on the show to be pretty wild, their antics may not compare to what he saw as a ferryboat captain.

The party boat to Fire Island

When the hosts asked for stories, Macy-O’Toole wanted to make sure they were appropriate for the audience. “I’ve got a couple of stories, but I don’t want to be inappropriate,” he says.

He recalls being approached by a passenger while he was hanging out with a young new crew member. “A guy comes up to us and was like, ‘There’s a guy you know, smoking.’ You can’t smoke on the boat,” Macy-O’Toole explains. “This guy’s smoking in the back. It’s midnight or whatever. So we asked the new kid, “Alright check it out see what’s happening.” Macy-O’Toole reveals that when the new crew member ventured over to the passenger, he wasn’t exactly smoking. But rather a passenger was performing oral sex on someone. Needless to say, Macy-O’Toole shared that the young new crew member’s life was forever changed.

But, “I’ve had people as a captain, guys come on the boat with just a shirt on,” Macy-O’Toole says. “No underpants. No anything. Hey, as long as you’re sitting down and not being an a**hole, I don’t care.”

Macy-O’Toole met Andy Cohen on Fire Island

Speaking of Fire Island, Macy-O’Toole says he first met Cohen while he was working as a ferryboat captain. He says he met Cohen about five years ago when Cohen was staying on the island. “He didn’t know who I was at the time,” Macy-O’Toole shares.

“So if you have a house over at the beach, and you get an Amazon package, instead of you going back to Sayville and getting the package, we’ll just deliver you the package,” Macy-O’Toole describes. “Like you just call in, “I have a package for Cohen.’ So you pick it up, this is about five, six, seven years ago. And we have a package for an A. Cohen. So me and all the girls were there like, ‘Oh that would be funny if it was Andy Cohen!'”

Macy-O’Toole recalls docking the boat with Cohen’s package. “And right in front, waiting for us to dock is Andy Cohen in his little bathing suit just booty popping. I’m like, ‘Alright it’s his.'” Macy-O’Toole recalls that Cohen approached him for the package, which was $3 for the delivery. “He’s like patting himself down, like, ‘I don’t have any money on me,'” Macy-O’Toole says.

He remembers Cohen asking random people if they had any money and ended up borrowing the $3 from a stranger. Macy-O’Toole said he re-told the story on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen just kidding around. “After the show, he gives me a bottle of Don Julio and says, ‘Sorry for being a pain in the ass.,” Macy-O’Toole laughs adding he only told the story because he thought it was comical.