‘Below Deck Med’: Could Jessica More Be Getting Fired Because of Her Broken Finger?

Below Deck crew members know they will be replaced if they aren’t physically able to work. So when Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean broke her finger, Captain Sandy Yawn let her know she may need to let her go if she can’t work.

Jessica More from 'Below Deck Med'
Jessica More |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

More muddled her way through the charter but found tasks like buttoning her uniform or wringing out a wet cloth to be a challenge. Nevertheless she managed to make it through thanks to support from the rest of the crew.

However, her position appears to still be in jeopardy. And it isn’t necessarily because of her broken finger. So why is she on Yawn’s radar now?

Laundry mismanagement becomes an issue

Apparently, laundering crew uniforms becomes an issue as chief stew Hannah Ferrier tells More that Yawn caught wind that there are issues with laundry. Yawn is seen telling Ferrier that if More doesn’t get it right this charter she’ll have to fire her.

“I just wanted to clarify because Malia [White] just said something very strange,” Ferrier tells More in a preview clip. “She said she’d asked you about crew uniforms and you said we weren’t doing that and it’s not our priority.”

“I didn’t say that it wasn’t our priority,” More replies. “I said it was not crew clothing.” Ferrier interrupts and says uniforms are definitely a priority and More agrees.

But that’s when Ferrier shares that Yawn now thinks More told White that crew uniforms were not a priority. “Well, Sandy overheard that and she said to me you need to whip her into shape or you have to replace her.”

Jessica More feels as though this is a huge miscommunication

“I’m gonna get fired for a miscommunication,” More asks. But Ferrier reminds her to give 100% at all times. “I’m giving 100%,” More says. “But it is a little frustrating. These confusions are like penalizing me.” Ferrier suggests that More speaks with White about it, but More thought they already did.

“I love Hannah and I like working with her,” More says in a confessional. “But there are some things that are making my job more difficult and making me look bad. I’m the third. I’m like the little b**ch.” She adds, “I’m not supposed to think of all these things. It’s not my job. ” More also thinks she’s being blamed for interior mess-ups that are out of her control. She’s later seen confronting White about the crew uniforms too.


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The struggle with laundry on a yacht is real. Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck shared on Twitter that laundry is a constant job. “Towels, uniforms, napkins, the laundry never stops. Some larger yachts have one sometimes two people designated just for laundry,” he shared.

One person observed on the thread that the crew doesn’t have only one uniform. “Normal charters are a week or more. If you watch all series you see that there is a dress, day and an evening uniform for Stews,” the person responded in the thread. “Polo/shorts and/or wet/tech wear, as well as day and evening dress for deck. More formal yachts can have additional uniforms.”

Find out if More stays or gets a plane ticket home when Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.