‘Below Deck Med’ Crew Clashes: Zee and Storm ‘Feelings Will Be Hurt’ and Natalya Blocked Kyle

Natalya Scudder teased more fallout with the Below Deck Med crew, revealing that bosun Storm Smith’s decision to make Courtney Veale lead deckhand will ding his friendship with Mzi “Zee” Dempers.

She also said all is not well with stew Kyle Viljoen, which may have something to do with the previews that tease Viljoen and Scudder will have an explosive confrontation.

Dempers looked uneasy when Smith told Veale she was going to be the lead deckhand ahead of the new deckhand’s arrival. Smith felt that the deck team needed more structure following deckhand Jason Gaskell’s departure. Smith admitted to Captain Sandy Yawn he struggled with the decision since Dempers is a longtime childhood friend. But he based his decision on what he saw on deck.

Feelings will be hurt between Storm and Zee on ‘Below Deck Med’

Dempers’ face immediately fell when Smith delivered the news during a crew night out, and after having a few cocktails. Dempers reassured Smith he supported his decision, and the trio hugged it out. But Dempers clearly looked upset back at the dinner table with the rest of the crew.

Natalya Scudder sits across the table from 'Below Deck Med' crew member Storm Smith.
Natalya Scudder | Laurent Basset/Bravo

Scudder said Dempers’ reaction says it all. “Definitely feelings are going to be hurt,” she admitted on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “As much as I think Zee will try to keep it to himself, he’ll definitely be hurt.”

And while feelings may be hurt, Dempers doesn’t seem to harbor bad feelings months after the Below Deck Med crew finished filming. “Working with [Smith], obviously, you get that sense of comfort and that sense of home as soon as you see somebody that you know,” Dempers told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Natalya ‘blocked’ Kyle, teases tense moments this season

Meanwhile, Scudder revealed that she and Viljoen are no longer in touch. A WWHL After Show caller noticed that Scudder and Viljoen don’t tag one another on Instagram. “It has its up and downs,” Scudder said about her relationship with Viljoen. “I currently have him blocked. But it’s like brother and sister.” She teased, “Some stuff went down … but we’ll see what happens. But I get over things really quickly and so does he. So I’m sure if we saw each other in a bar we’d be like brother and sister again. But right now it’s a no for me.”

Below Deck Med fans have already witnessed Viljoen and chief stew Natasha Webb’s reaction to Scudder going to Yawn about the division of labor on the boat. Yawn eventually calls Webb to the bridge when she notices that the stew pantry was always a mess. Viljoen thinks Scudder was a snitch.

“Listen, I can tell you now it’s not the first time,” Viljoen said during his earlier appearance on WWHL. “It has happened prior to this. She loves all the [gossip]. She loves all the gag. She’s a snitch.”

Storm and Natalya will also end their ‘Below Deck Med’ boatmance

Viljoen isn’t the only Below Deck Med crew member in a conflict with Scudder this season. Cracks are already forming in her boatmance with Smith. He especially freaked her out when he gave her an expensive watch as a gift. He later admitted he originally purchased the watch for his sister, but during a drunken amorous moment, he gave it to Scudder.

Even though she and Smith are no longer a couple, she kept the watch. “I actually have it in my bag,” she said about the watch on WWHL. “So I have it. I wear it sometimes depending on the outfit. “

Scudder admitted she could have reacted differently to the gift. “I look back on it and being Australian, we have a bit of banter, like we say things how it is,” she said. “But I do look back at it and am like, ‘Wow, maybe I don’t need to be a b****.'” Adding, “I think I need to take a little bit of a self-reflection.”

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