‘Below Deck Med’: Does Captain Sandy Have Another Chef Problem?

Is it Groundhog Day for Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean? Yawn is seen in a season 5 preview clip having to deal with complaints about the food — and it’s only the first charter.

Sandy Yawn from 'Below Deck Med'
Sandy Yawn | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Yawn is probably going to be carefully scrutinizing chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran this season after the chef debacle from season 4. Yawn’s first chef not only made food from a box, but the chef was also caught on camera licking a raw steak before serving it to the guests.

She fired the first chef and allowed the third stew to give it a whirl in the kitchen. But when the stress became too much, Yawn finally called in chef Ben Robinson to complete the season. Is she now going to have a repeat of season 4?

Captain Sandy, we have a problem

The guests appear to be settling in for lunch and chief stew Hannah Ferrier presents Brazilian dish, “moqueca” to the guests. “Brazilian moqueca, a fish stew made with firm white fish, onions, garlic, bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and coconut milk,” according to Simply Recipes.

One guest insists he was so hungry, he’d “eat the butthole out of a skunk right now.” He completely devours his meal. The rest of the guests seem to be happy with their food too.

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Yawn would often ask the guests for their opinion on the food in the past but she is keenly aware that she needs to keep her finger on the culinary pulse this season. She appears to ask the guests about their lunch. One guest insists the food was amazing.

But she begs for honesty. “I thought it was good,” he says shrugging. “I thought it was, what gooey? The fish was. But I’ll eat it because I’m hungry as hell. No, but it was good.” Despite his insistence that the food was decent, Yawn wants perfection.

Was the dish too gooey?

The guest was pretty laid back about the dish, but Yawn says that they are paying a lot of money to be on the yacht. They should get exactly what they want. Off she goes to talk to Lorran.

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“Hey, I just talked to them,” she says to Lorran. “Some of them weren’t happy with the fish.” Lorran is busy preparing food but stops and asks, “They [weren’t] happy?” But Yawn just wants a taste test. She asks him if he has any of the fish she can sample. “Because I want to try the texture of the shrimp,” she says.

“We wanna give them what they want,” she reminds Lorran as she tries the dish. He agrees as she bites into the fish. Fans will need to find out if Lorran has repeated last season’s “slimy fish” dish. Yawn’s friend, Dr. Jennifer Berman visited last season and commented she was served slimy fish. Viewers later learned that the chef procured the fish from a can.

Below Deck Mediterranean premieres on Monday, June 1 at 9/8c on Bravo.