‘Below Deck Med’ Fans Started Playing ‘Where’s Pete?’ Game During Episodes

“Where’s Waldo” took on an entirely new meaning as Below Deck Mediterranean fans have started to play a similar game but using fired deckhand Pete Hunziker instead.

Pete Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe
Pete Hunziker, Alex Radcliffe | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Bravo and production company 51 Minds fired Hunziker after he shared a racist and violent meme on Instagram. The Instagram share was made early in season 5 and producers vowed to minimize his appearance on future episodes.

Hunziker initially had a storyline. He was demoted from being the lead deckhand after he creeped on Christine “Bugsy” Drake and had a hard time following direction from bosun Malia White. Once he was demoted, Hunziker all but disappeared from the show. He was eliminated from the opening credits and fans even forgot why he wasn’t featured on the show.

Where’s Pete?

Some people still aren’t sure why Hunziker isn’t on the series. But several viewers shared jokes on Twitter about getting glimpses of him. “New #BelowDeckMed@BravoTV drinking game: take a drink every time you see Pete,” one person on Twitter suggested. “Watch out @BravoTV you let a bit of Pete slip in!” another viewer tweeted.

Another person wrote, “They really edited out Pete’s laugh (sound).” Others wrote, “I’ve seen Pete so much this episode!” and “Us seeing Pete for a second” and a meme of Leonardo DiCaprio pointing.

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Several people joked about who Hunziker was on the show. “Who is Pete? Did the wind talk? Who was that?” a viewer wrote. Another fan added, “The way they erased Pete on the show is hilarious and deserves an essay!”

Pete Hunziker made a small appearance this episode

Editors managed to remove Hunziker from nearly every situation this season. From dinners to work, Hunziker masterfully “disappeared” from the show. However, Hunziker managed to make the cut for the big lead deckhand announcment.

White gathered her three deckhands for a meeting during the episode. “I was going to give you a big inspirational meeting right before our last charter, but then we ran out of time,” she said.

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“You know we had this whole thing with the lead deckhand, and we all kind of squashed having a lead deckhand,” she continued. “But I’m gonna name the lead deckhand for this last trip. Pete, we had a rocky start with you, and you took it on the chin. Rob [Westergaard], you’ve been the most consistent. And that’s been amazing.” She went onto name Alex Radcliffe as the lead deckhand.

Some fans still can’t remember why Hunziker isn’t on the show

Some viewers are still in the dark about why Hunziker was minimized from the series. “I’m so confused, I thought Pete left the boat, ages ago?” one person shared on Twitter.

“@Andy just curious, why was Pete basically nonexistent in the last half of the current Below Deck Med season?” another person tweeted.

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Others were reminded he was still on the show after this episode. “Just me or did anyone else forget Pete was on the boat still,” one person tweeted. Another viewer wrote, “Pete’s new edit is really becoming of a nice, quiet gentleman. A part of me still wants to hear his filthy mouth though.”