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Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean revealed that she became overwhelmed after witnessing chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran struggle after being fired. But she also admits she was completely exhausted too.

Hannah Ferrier from 'Below Deck Med'
Hannah Ferrier|Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/ NBCU Photo Bank

Ferrier had a panic attack in the middle of the night and struggled so much, she needed medication to calm her nerves. Bosun Malia White was by her side to help her as Ferrier was in extreme distress.

She took to Instagram to explain what triggered the attack. Ferrier said the panic attack was a combination of seeing her friend feeling so depressed and upset combined with extreme exhaustion.

Hannah Ferrier says she’s in a better place today

Now that Ferrier is about to become a mother, she shared that she’s feeling a lot happier today. She shared a photo and a baby shower announcement, along with the reason why she had a panic attack on the boat.

“So what you see if this photo is a very happy, smiley, pregnant woman,” she shared. “What you see in tonight’s episode is a very distressed, upset, stressed out and anxiety ridden woman… They are both the same people – just in different situations.

“As many of you know I suffer from anxiety which can be brought on by many different things but tonight’s was brought on by seeing my good friend @hindrigolorran in such pain and being unable to help him,” she continued. “This paired with severe lack of sleep and feeling like I was stuck in a situation I didn’t want to be in brought on a panic attack.”

Ferrier hopes to bring more awareness to anxiety

“What you see on TV and what is happening inside someone’s head can often differ,” she wrote in her post. “A lot of you have sent me messages asking for my baby register which is so amazing of you.”

“My little one is very blessed that we can provide all they need but in place of that I have set up a baby registry with one of my favourite charities @lifelineaustralia – Lifeline assists people in need with anxiety, desperation and raises awareness for suicide. Any donation large or small would be greatly appreciated and it will be amazing to let my little one know they made a difference before entering the world. 💗💗💗 .” Ferrier also included a link in her bio for donations.

Ferrier has dealt with panic attacks on the show in the past

Viewers witnessed Ferrier having a panic attack during season 3. She fell hard for bosun Conrad Empson and suddenly panicked at the thought that she was in love.

“The anxiety had been going quite badly for eight days leading up to the attack, it didn’t just come out of nowhere,” she recalled about the moment to Decider. “What I was doing at the time [was asking], “What is different from season one to now?” And all I could think was Conrad.”


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A lack of sleep was also a factor at the time too. “Looking back and watching the season now, actually there was a lot that was different,” she continued. “We had the most vile charter guests that we have ever had. The first two weeks I was doing four hours of sleep a night consecutively. Sandy was really quite hard on me throughout the start of the season.”