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Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean is pushing back against the accusations that she was taking valium instead of Advil.

Hannah Ferrier from 'Below Deck Med'
Hannah Ferrier |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Production has filmed Ferrier taking medication on more than one occasion this season. This is a first for the show as Ferrier was never shown taking medication during her previous four seasons. But the season teaser showed Captain Sandy Yawn confronting a crew member about having drugs on board the boat. Fans then assumed Ferrier was popping more than Advil.

Ferrier also joked with third stew Jessica More about how taking valium to alleviate the stress on the boat would help. But she shared on both social media and on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she was taking Advil for swollen feet. She now doubles down on that assertion leading up to the big episode.

Hannah Ferrier shares proof she was taking Advil and not valium

Ferrier recently tweeted that she was shaking during her panic attack. “I always claimed they were advil and the shaking is part of the anxiety. If I was on Valium I actually wouldn’t be shaking!” she wrote.

She added that having her boyfriend as a sounding board also helped. “I’m very lucky I had Josh this season who was a phone call away or I would have lost mind,” she wrote.

Earlier this season, Ferrier shared that she was struggling. “I KNOW at this stage of the season my head wasn’t in it and I should have quit as the environment was toxic at best. We are taught in yachting to NEVER leave a boat mid season. Lesson learnt. I wouldn’t stay in an environment that was pushing me like that again.” Adding, “It was just constantly being dragged. It’s such long days and guests are very hard to deal with. Everyone knows when they aren’t wanted by their superiors. And it doesn’t make the job any easier.”

Drugs are found on the boat

Viewers will have to wait to learn what is found on the boat and which crew member is being confronted. Previews show Captain Sandy Yawn receiving an image of what appears to be the drug find. She is later seen asking an unknown crew member about bringing drugs on the boat.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, bosun Malia White shared that any crew member who finds drugs on the boat must alert the captain. “If any crew member suffers from a mental health condition that they require medication for they must disclose that to the Captain BEFORE signing onto the boat,” she wrote. “They then under the supervision of Captain or Officer can be given medication as needed and evaluated to see if they can still stand duty.”


‘Below Deck Med’: Hannah Ferrier Says She Was Taking Advil When Fans Expressed Suspicions

While it is unclear how the encounter goes down, former bosun João Franco hypothsized what he would do if he found that a crew member had drugs. “If something leading to the matter of me thinking that they’re taking something where it’s affecting their ability to work, I would absolutely say something,” he shared in an Instagram Live. “But I would first say it to that person and then take it further. That is my obligation.”

“So my obligation to maintain safety is to approach the person to say, listen, I know of this,” he said. “Does the captain know this? Yes, the captain knows of it, and Okay, no problem. Would you mind if we just go and discuss it together? Because I feel that it’s affecting your ability to work.”