‘Below Deck Med’: Has Captain Sandy Ever Left a Guest Behind?

Below Deck Mediterranean viewers watched a guest saunter off the yacht only moments before Captain Sandy Yawn was going to take it out to sea. Yawn waited for the guest to return, but the timing and weather ensured The Wellington would have to remain docked.

Captain Sandy Yawn from 'Below Deck Med'
Captain Sandy Yawn |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Viewers often ask Yawn about moments on the show, especially how she managed to remain docked. The yacht is massive and the captain can’t always see exactly where every guest is at every moment. But Yawn told viewers on Twitter she always does a headcount before she leaves the dock.

“Got some Qs about the charter guest that left the yacht for a run. We always do a head count before we leave the dock. Havent left anyone behind,” she tweeted.

Viewers also didn’t love the extra guests this episode too

The charter guests left the docked yacht to party at a local nightclub. Chief stew Hannah Ferrier and deckhand Alex Radcliffe remained on duty, as the guests departed the yacht around 11:30 pm.

When the guests finally returned in the wee hours, they brought back more new “friends” they met at the club. They proceeded to party until dawn and Ferrier and Radcliffe remained on service. Eventually, Ferrier called a taxi for the charter guest’s new friends so they could depart the yacht. Ferrier looked exhausted by the time she finally went to bed around 6 a.m.

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Some viewers weren’t happy with how hard the guests worked the crew. “I was shocked that @CaptSandyYawn did not intervene when the charter guests on last night’s #BelowDeckMed invited several people, that they had just met at a club, back to the boat for an all-night party. Unnecessary additional pressure on the crew. Bad decision, Sandy!” a viewer tweeted.

But Yawn says late nights and extra guests are just part of the job. “It happens in the industry. We work for the guests. They are the client.”

Viewers also wondered when the chef gets a break

Chef Adam Glick from Below Deck Sailing Yacht gave his roommate Parker McCown a stern warning about waking him up at night when McCown had to attend to anchor watch. The told the deckhand he doesn’t get the same breaks as the rest of the crew. So if he can’t get sleep at night he’s going to run out of energy during the day.

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A viewer wondered the same thing and asked Yawn on Twitter. “Cap’n Sandy, I have a legitimate question I have pondered for several years. When does the chef sleep if they are expected to make bkft, lunch, dinner. It seems that they are almost on 18+ hrs daily. Also, who places the orders for provisions? Chef & CStew?”

For the most part, Yawn confirmed that getting enough sleep at night for the chef is vital. “The chef gets a break between lunch and dinner and then sleeps after dinner. Often times when the guests are off the boat, the chef rests. We have provisioners supply the yacht.”

Below Deck Mediterranean is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.