‘Below Deck Med’: Jessica More Says She Will ‘F**k Her up’ Over Aesha Scott’s Photo With Rob Westergaard Photo

Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean is visibly furious over witnessing a photo where it appears that Aesha Scott touched Rob Westergaard’s backside.

Jessica More
Jessica More |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

The guests ask for a group photo prior to an excursion led by Scott and Westergaard. As everyone stands for the photo, More, who is standing in the background watches as Scott’s hand slides down Westergaard’s back for the momentary photo. Witnessing this sends More into a tailspin as she quickly confronts Westergaard with her own photo as evidence.

More is stuck cleaning cabins while the group is on land. However, she vents to chief stew Christine “Bugsy” Drake that Scott should watch herself because she will f**k her up if she sees her.

Jessica More makes it clear she’s not playing

More tells Drake she’s ready to finish the season when Drake goes to check on her. “I really don’t like walking down and seeing Aesha grab his f**king a**,” More tells Drake in a preview clip.

“Because I will beat the f**king sh*t out of her,” she continues. Drake looks stunned and asks when this all occurred. “If she’s gonna be f**king disrespectful, like I’m not playing that sh*t,” she adds. “Like seriously.”

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“So I’m trying to remain calm because I will f**k her up,” More adds. “You think I’m kidding?” Drake seems concerned at this point adding that she doesn’t think More is kidding. More says it is better for her to just remain calm as she silently walks away into another room.

“Like I’m speechless,” Drake says in a confessional. Meanwhile Westergaard and Scott wander the streets with the guests, getting ice cream and being friendly with one another.

Is More overreacting?

More ultimately confronts Scott at one point during the episode. “Your hand went from being on Rob’s back down to grabbing his a**,” she says to Scott in another preview. The stews appear to be in the middle of service as Scott looks confused. “What?” Scott says looking stunned.

“I hate when people create drama where there doesn’t need to be,” Scott says in a confessional.

Malia White, Robert Westergaard
Malia White, Robert Westergaard |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

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Later More and Westergaard discuss her reaction. “You think I’m just jealous and overreacting?” she asks him. His reply? “Yes, 100%.”

Scott thinks More is a very ‘jealous person’

The photo reaction was a buildup from almost the minute Scott arrived on the boat. Scott and Westergaard joked at a nightclub and had banter in the crew mess. The more they talked, the more annoyed More became.  “Knowing what I know now, looking back, Jess is just a very, very jealous person,” Scott said during the Below Deck Med After Show.

“And I think it was literally just the fact that like this new bubbly girl had come onto the boat,” Scott continued. “And Rob was having a focused conversation with her. It didn’t matter what we would have been talking about. I think just then was enough to make Jess feel insecure.”

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Deckhand Alex Radcliffe offered some insight into the situation. “I think with Rob and Jess, I think they had a deep, spiritual relationship,” he observed. “And I think they joked around, but I think you guys were more like feelings and moments. I think maybe she was getting jealous, like why can’t you do that with me?”