‘Below Deck Med’: Jessica More Says Yachting Is ‘Toxic’ for Her and Wouldn’t Return to the Show

Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean said she’s left yachting and likely wouldn’t return to the series if asked.

More said yachting fulfilled its purpose for her and even though the show gave her a platform, she’s not interested in doing more Below Deck. And while most cast members have said they’d love to do another season of the show, More isn’t the only crew member who isn’t interested in returning.

Jessica More says yachting was toxic for her so she won’t return to ‘Below Deck’

A fan asked if she’d return to the show. “I don’t know if I would,” More said in a video in her Instagram stories. “I am working to try to transition out of yachting. Below Deck, probably not. Could I see myself doing some other kind of show or movie? Yes.”

Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean asks guests if they want more cocktails
Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“So yachting served its purpose,” she continued. “I got out of debt, I met amazing people. [And] I got on an amazing reality show. It gave me a platform. But at this point and phase in my life, it’s pretty toxic for me. So yeah, I found myself getting stuck and partying. And drinking a lot and just dating the wrong men in the industry. And it’s just not in a good place where I wanna be now.”

She plans to embark upon a career as a yoga teacher

So what’s next for More? “Headed back to Florida this weekend and then to Nicaragua next week for a yoga teacher training for a month,” she wrote. “Super excited, I’ve heard it’s life-changing. I’m ready to make some big changes in my life and feel this will be a beautiful foundation.”

“I don’t have a home technically,” she admitted. More added that most of her belongings and vehicles are in a storage unit in Fort Lauderdale, FL. “And I haven’t really found my place yet. Home is where the heart is, I guess.”

More has spent the past few weeks in Tulum, Mexico, and met up with chief stew Katie Flood. She also shared how they connected. “I slid into her DMs a month or two ago and asked if she wanted to meet up for a drink,” More wrote. “The rest is history. Love her. She has an epic personality and a beautiful heart.”

Courtney Skippon is another cast member not interested in ‘Below Deck’

More isn’t alone in not wanting to return to Below Deck. Stew Courtney Skippon recently said it’s too late for her to go back and in fact, it would be embarrassing. “No, I think it’s embarrassing,” Skippon said on the Dear Reality, You’re Effed podcast. “I would have gone back right away. If Kate went back and they wanted me back as like a second stew again, I definitely would have done that right away. Because I feel like that’s a more natural progression.”

“But if you’re just like waiting around … you do sort of to an extent have to be,” she added. “Just like readily available for that. And that’s not cute for me. That’s like a guy that ghosted you. And then six months he’s like ‘You up?’ And you are like, ‘I’m absolutely up.’” She added, “Yeah, no.”

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