‘Below Deck Med’: Kate Chastain Reveals Who Is Her Favorite Cast Member and Admits Lexi Wilson Left Her Speechless

Below Deck‘s Kate Chastain opened up about which Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast member she has the most love for and what she would have done if she was Lexi Wilson’s chief stew. Chastain is viewing the season on Below Deck Galley Talk, offering her hot takes alongside chef Ben Robinson. She shared that she is asked about Wilson on a regular basis as to how she’d handle the situation and admitted she was a little speechless.

Who is Kate Chastain’s favorite ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 6 cast member?

Chastain said she has the most love for deckhand David Pascoe. “I really love David the deckhand,” she recently said during an Instagram chat with Hollywood Life. “I think he gives great interview bites. He’s funny, he’s humble. But he’s got just a nice mix of being humble but also like confidence.”

Kate Chastain from Below Deck Season 7 cast photo
Kate Chastain from Below Deck Season 7 cast photo | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Chastain and the rest of the Below Deck Galley Talk crew members also voiced their support for deckhand Lloyd Spencer. Spencer shared with the crew he was gender-fluid and the crew rallied around him with their support. The Below Deck Galley Talk crew also loved the playful flirtations and romance between Courtney Veale and deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers too, especially when they both made similiar comments about each other in their confessionals.

How would Kate Chastain have handled Lexi Wilson on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’?

Chastain said she’s been asked about Wilson on a number of occasions. “Honestly, I have no idea,” she admitted. “Because how do you solve a problem like Lexi? I don’t think there really is an answer. I don’t think there is anything anyone can do to get Lexi to be a great coworker. You know, I feel like there is no answer.”

Chastain also spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about Wilson too. “Honestly, I think that the most difficult thing about working on a yacht is living with other humans in a stressful situation,” she observed. “But it really teaches you to be socially aware and ironically, the people who need to learn that the most are the ones that have the biggest problem with it, as we can see. She definitely needs to learn to be more self-aware and it’s not going well for her.”

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Wilson shocked the crew during a drunken night in between charters. She lashed out at the entire crew but didn’t remember her actions the following day. And although the crew agreed to move on, Wilson is seemingly slacking in her duties during the next charter. She ended up on the laundry rotation and wasn’t happy about it.

Kate Chastain didn’t detect regret from Lexi Wilson on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Chastain also told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that Wilson’s reaction to the crew the following day was very telling.

“I mean, I certainly think that there have been other crew nights out where we have had people misbehaving,” she said. “It’s always surprised them when the person misbehaves so much and doesn’t feel any regret or shame the next day. I mean, that’s a really important thing to notice in someone. If they act badly, that’s one thing. But if they act badly and also don’t feel bad about it, that’s a little bit concerning.”

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