‘Below Deck Med’: Was Katie Flood ‘Fuming’ at the Guests or Lexi Wilson After the Last Charter?

Chief stew Katie Flood said she was “fuming” when the last group of charter guests told Captain Sandy Yawn that service was lacking on Below Deck Mediterranean. Viewers watched Flood in constant motion throughout the charter. But between the guests’ drink demands and glaring errors, service missed the mark.

Lexi Wilson forgot to finish setting the table for breakfast, plus she left the guests unattended so they ended up making their own drinks. Wilson also left a bucket of cleaning supplies in a cabin she did not finish cleaning. So was Flood angry at the guests for being too demanding or at Wilson for not pulling her weight?

Katie Flood was angry at Lexi Wilson for the comment ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

The crew agreed that service wasn’t up to par during the charter. But Flood thinks service could have been better. “I’ve never heard that before. I was fuming inside. To get a comment like that from a charter guest, they are repeat charter guests, it’s like embarrassing for me,” Flood said during the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show. “Like it’s so embarrassing. Because I feel like I work my a– off. Like I sacrifice myself and my breaks for my interior team.”

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast photo of Katie Flood
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast photo of Katie Flood | Laurent Basset/Bravo

“And to get that in return is just pure disrespect,” she continued. “And it was all because of one person.” Courtney Veale said she felt like she did a bad job even though she worked as hard as she could. “Me and Katie did everything that we possibly could,” she said. “And like tried our hardest the whole time and gave it 110%.”

“If something happens with the interior, the guests and stuff don’t really know whose fault it is,” she added. “It’s not like I would want them to know it was Lexi’s fault. But we all get the blame for it from the guests and the captain.”

Katie Flood knew Lexi Wilson was dealing with grief on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Flood added that she kept the fact that Wilson was dealing with the death of her father in the back of her mind. “Her attitude wasn’t as good as it was,” Flood recalled. “And like, she’s just lost her dad. And it’s like I don’t wanna be a b–tch. I know she’s struggling. She’s trying to deal with that. But at the same time, if you’re gonna tell me you can get over it and still do your job, then yes, I’m going to expect that from anybody.”

“Katie was super stressed,” Veale recounted. “It’s like really annoying because if the chief stew’s stressed then that kinda like stresses her out for the rest of the day. The rest of the trip. And yeah it’s like a domino effect.”

Katie Flood decided to bring in Delaney Evans on ‘Below Deck Med’

Flood said that the guests’ comments helped her decide to bring on additional stew Delaney Evans. “That was the giving moment,” she said. “I think I spoke to Captain Sandy after and was like, ‘Look this isn’t working.’ Things are failing. I can’t have this. Let’s try this new person. See how it goes and then we’ll just talk about it afterwards.”


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“When you’re down, you just have to acknowledge that you’re down,” Wilson said. “And work on getting back to what you’re used to.”