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Some Below Deck Mediterranean fans started referring to stews Kyle Viljoen and Natasha Webb as “mean girls” for how they stuck together and iced out stew Natalaya Scudder.

Scudder and Viljoen were both second stews on the boat so the normal heirarchy didn’t apply. But when Scudder ended up being relegated to cabin duty, especially after creating a gorgeous tablescape, she got annoyed. Plus, she seemed to be doing the majority of the grunt work, so she eventually went to Captain Sandy Yawn.

Scudder told Yawn that she was picking up the slack for Viljoen and Webb. Plus she was frustrated that Webb seemed to devote a considerable amount of time texting her (ex) boyfriend. And Viljoen was there to constantly comfort her when she would become emotional.

Natalya had a different relationship with Kyle on ‘Below Deck Med’

Viljoen told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that the scenerio wasn’t so cut and dry. And there was plenty of blame to go around. “I feel like from Tasha’s perspective, she was not much of a comfort that Natalya needed,” he shared. “So it maybe wasn’t her intention because Natasha wants to try to diminish everything and make it all the happier, didn’t want it to be all heavy and keep it light.”

Kyle Viljoen, Natalya Scudder, Natasha Webb Below Deck Med cast photos
Kyle Viljoen, Natalya Scudder, Natasha Webb |Laurent Basset/Bravo

“So [Webb] kind of repelled from listening to Natalya complain or, you know, suggestions,” he said. “And that was their issue. With me and Natalya we were actually sister and brother, joined at the hip. We were yin and yang constantly. And that was a friend that I could joke around and play games with as opposed to Natasha. It would be a more deep conversation, more comforting.”

Kyle insists he was stuck between Natasha and Natalya

Viljoen said he was stuck in the middle. “So I needed to operate with this brain between all of this interior [drama],” he explained. “When it came to Natalya, I never knew what was going on with her. She never told me,’Kyle I feel the certain way, that I’d been pushed aside that I was not included.’ Her and Courtney [Veale] made their friendship beforehand. I’m constantly spending 95% with Natasha on service. I’m gradually going to be closer to Natasha.”

“But my intention was always there with Natalya,” Viljoen insisted. “I saw that she’s coming for me for sure, because she couldn’t get the attention with Natasha. And I gave in to that reasoning because I’m like, if we can go around telling everyone how you feel, which I don’t agree with, but what you’re not going to do is tell me how you feel if I don’t agree with your statements and comments.”

Viljoen noted that they were both the same rank with the same access to Webb. “Because you’re a second, you have the exact same opportunity to talk to Natasha,” he said. “And I didn’t even know that she spoke to Captain Sandy behind mine and Natasha’s back. Which I think is kind of funny because how would you relate me talking about other crew members behind their back? Literally, after you just spoke about other crew members behind their back. Your issues with Natasha issue doesn’t lie with me. So I need to remind you. Hey, you got the wrong one.”

He wants an apology after the ‘Below Deck Med’ season

Viljoen said he’s actually still hurt with the way everything ended with Scudder. “To the end with Natalya, I’m still angered and I’m still hurt because many times I apologized for my wrongdoings,” he said. “I’m a person that will stand up and say I was in the wrong. I may not be in the very moment. I need a breather and will come back and say, ‘Hi, this was my wrongdoing. I’m sorry for ABCD.’ But not once that I get an apology from her for the way that she was treating me, belittling me and talking down on me.”


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“So that was the hurtful factor. I don’t expect apologies from people, but an apology from me means you’ve realized your wrongdoing as opposed to just saying, I’m sorry, let’s move on. I can move on,” he said.

“But you haven’t realized that you were at fault as well. That’s where the s*** starts with me. Like I need you to realize your wrongdoing because if our relationship is going to continue off this boat, you need to accept that you are wrong,” Viljoen said about Scudder.

Below Deck Mediterranean is on Monday at 8 pm ET on Bravo.