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Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Mediterranean is seen pulling Mzi “Zee” Dempers aside and offering a private apology to him in a “never before seen” moment on the show. The crew previously complained that she never truly apologized to them. But now previously cut footage shows she actually made an effort.

Lexi Wilson apologized to Mzi Dempers on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Wilson made a general apology to the team during a crew meeting, but fans were frustrated when Wilson was not seen making a heartfelt apology to individual crew members like Dempers. She pushed Dempers and made a racial slur during the crew fight. She also verbally assaulted the rest of the deck team and lashed out at bosun Malia White.

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Mediterranean goes to dinner with the crew including David Pascoe
Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Mediterranean goes to dinner with the crew including David Pascoe |Laurent Basset/Bravo

So fans were shocked when Wilson was not seen going any further with her apology. However, she actually did. She approached Dempers on deck after she apologized to chief stew Katie Flood. “Can I talk to you separately?” Wilson asked Dempers. “I apologize. Whatever I said, I don’t remember everything I said. I don’t hate you. If I said anything offensive, I apologize.”

Lexi Wilson also apologized to David Pascoe on ‘Below Deck Med’

Dempers was warm and gracious toward Wilson. “It’s all fine,” he replied. “Thanks for the apology.” Wilson then asks Dempers if he could call deckhand David Pascoe on the radio. She mocked Pascoe during her drunken tirade and he finally had to come in to calm her attacks on the deck team.

Wilson then meets privately with Pascoe. “I apologized generally but the apology was not sincere enough,” she said. “But I really want to apologize. And if you could accept my apology I’d like love that.”

Pascoe reacted with kindness. “It’s the next day and everyone reacts to things differently,” he said. “It came out how it came out. I’m not gonna dwell on it.” They smiled, laughed, and hugged.

Mzi Dempers doesn’t recall that Lexi Wilson apologized

Dempers shared in his Instagram story that Wilson never made a true effort to directly apologize to him. He posted a screenshot from Wilson’s Instagram story Q&A. A fan asked, “Did you make peace with Mzi after the altercation?” She replied, “Yes I apologized separately.”

But he refuted her remark.  “Also, just to set the record straight, genuine apologies from people are definitely remembered and go a long way,” he wrote. “[Mathew Shea] you are a prime example of someone who really exhibits that and I have the utmost respect for you. Your demeanor and acceptance, and the way you handled the situation, going strides and the extra bit to apologize to everyone, really is incredible.” Shea was seen profusely apologizing to every crew member after he quit the boat that night.

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So ultimately, Dempers wasn’t buying Wilson’s apology. And he did not think the few minutes she spoke to him privately actually counted. “I still am the type of person to give the benefit of the doubt,” Dempers continued. “But never have felt that an actual apology has been given.”