‘Below Deck Med’: Madison Stalker Teases About Dating Robert Westergaard

Was Robert Westergaard from Below Deck Mediterranean the “mystery man” featured in Madison Stalker’s Instagram photo? She never dished about who it was but is now hinting that perhaps fans were correct in their assumption it was Westergaard.

Madison Stalker
Madison Stalker | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Stalker, who was the second stew on the first season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, posted a photo of two people clasping hands on Instagram. Rumors flew about who was the mystery man with some fans sharing specific clues that led them to believe it was Westergaard. “It’s @robert_westergaard bc he [has] freckles on his fingers/knuckles,” one person surmised. The man’s jawline is the only part of his face in the photo, which kept fans guessing.

Westergaard appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Host Andy Cohen asked Westergaard if he was dating Stalker but he said was wasn’t. However, were they once a couple? The plot thickens.

Madison Stalker stirs the pot

Stalker may have re-ignited rumors when she joined Adrienne Gang’s “Ask Me Anything” Reddit session. Gang, who was the first chief stew on Below Deck, answered questions about past and current Below Deck seasons. Stalker appeared with her own question.

“Question. What’re your thoughts on a guy taking a necklace off that he’s wearing for you to wear to keep him close and later finding out that his ex bought it for him… asking for myself,” Stalker asked. She never indicated who was the “guy.” But when fans and Gang shared that it was Westergaard Stalker didn’t deny it either. She also never denied it was Westergaard featured in the photo.

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“Madison, First of all, I f**king love you,” Gang replied to Stalker. “Secondly, Rob giving you a necklace ‘to keep him close’ that Jessica gave to him is one of the sh**tiest things I’ve heard in a looonnnggg time. Girl, you and Jess deserve better than that!”

All’s well does not end well

More has already made it clear that she and Westergaard no longer speak. “We don’t really communicate,” she told InTouch. “He has a really good heart deep down in there somewhere. I wish him the best of luck but I don’t think we’ll really be communicating [in the future].”

She also told Showbiz Cheat Sheet the romance will be intense and added “don’t screw the crew.” Westergaard also used that phrase and season previews show that the cozy couple eventually melts down this season. Jealousy and outside forces appear to tear the couple apart.

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“Yes I’m in a relationship but it’s not a free for all for everybody to grab everything,” More is seen saying, seemingly about inappropriate touching by a guest. Later she shows Westergaard her phone that likely has a photo. “I’m gonna punch her in her f**king face if she touches your a** again,” she says to him.

“It shouldn’t be like this so soon,” Westergaard says to More. “I feel f**king trapped.” More is later seen throwing Westergaard out of the cabin.