‘Below Deck Med’: Malia White Makes a Dramatic Rescue Because the Guest Can’t Swim

Viewers will finally witness the moment where Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean dramatically yanks off the mic on her swim shirt and rushes into the water to save a charter guest.

Robert Westergaard, Malia White, Alex Radcliffe from 'Below Deck Med'
Robert Westergaard, Malia White, Alex Radcliffe | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Previews have shown White frantically saying, “Mic off, mic, mic off” as she rushes off of the swim platform and dives into the water. And while some guests have fallen off of water toys in the past, White learns this guest can’t swim.

The guests rise from having lunch and decide to play with the water toys. White shows one guest how the jet ski works and he gives it a test drive. Another guest asks how deep is the water. In the background another guest says in the preview clip, “She don’t know how to swim.” Having that information may have helped to keep the guest safe because moments later the jet ski tanks and both guests plunge into the ocean.

Malia White assures the guests that she’s a rescue diver

“Oh you’re fine, I’m a rescue diver,” White assures the guests after learning the guest can’t swim. White stands by on the swim platform as two couples take the skis out for a drive. However, the jet ski with the woman who can’t swim seems to already be in trouble.

“You’d better ride right,” she’s heard saying to the man driving it. White is overheard telling the other guests the ocean is a little rocky today. The waves are kicking up hard as the jet ski is now almost airborne, flying over the tops of the waves.

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White now seems concerned. “Let it go,” she is heard saying from the swim platform. The guest too urges the driver to slow down adding, “Don’t play me, baby. I’m not playing.”

‘Mic off, mic, mic off’

White is now heard saying, “Kill it, kill it,” from the swim platform to the guest on the jet ski that seems to be out of control. Screams are heard from the guest. Now the group on the swim platform is yelling for the couple to stop the jet ski.

But it is too late. The jet ski hits turbulent water and dips over sideways as the camera shows both passengers are submerged deep into the water.

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White doesn’t hesitate to break the fourth wall. “Mic off, mic, mic off,” she says struggling to rip the production mic from her shirt. She is pulling off the mic and running across the swim platform to dive into the water.

The last dramatic water rescue was when Ashton Pienaar went ‘man overboard’

Deckhand Ashton Pienaar from Below Deck season 6 almost died when he was pulled into the ocean by a rope that wrapped around his ankle. Pienaar and deckhand Rhylee Gerber were on the swim platform when suddenly Pienaar was being dragged into the sea. Gerber tried to grab onto Pienaar, but he slipped away into the water.

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She immediately called, “Man overboard” on her radio, sending the crew into emergency mode. As the crew scrambled, a fast-thinking cameraman managed to free Pienaar from the line that was dragging him underneath the water’s surface. Pienaar managed to come up for air and swim to the tender the yacht was towing.