‘Below Deck Med’: Rob Westergaard Jokes About F**king up the Last Docking but Is the Boat Actually in Trouble?

The deck team on Below Deck Mediterranean may be joking about slacking off during the last docking of the season, but could The Wellington actually be headed for trouble?

Captain Sandy Yawn
Captain Sandy Yawn |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

The crew prepares for the final docking during the season finale. “Oh my God one last docking!” bosun Malia White exclaims on a preview clip. “One last docking!”

“Let’s f**k it up, Alex,” deckhand Rob Westergaard jokes. Lead deckhand Alex Radcliffe agrees. “Let’s just f**k sh*t up,” he says laughing. And while the deck team and crew seem to be in a jocular mood, Captain Sandy Yawn sees a problem as the yacht gets closer to the dock.

The deck team prepares to dock the boat

Westergaard jokes with White about reenacting the three line misses from a previous charter. It’s all water under the bridge as Westergaard and White high-five each other.

“This deck team has been on a rollercoaster throughout the season,” Radcliffe says in a confessional. “But Malia’s definitely a good leader, great bosun. And she’s a friend for life now.”

White gives the team specific direction on lines. “Needs to be quick, get them in,” she says. “Pull up tension and lock it off.” She begins to give Yawn distances over her radio as the boat nears the dock.

Could a docked ground line mean trouble for The Wellington?

The interior joins the team on deck as Yawn expresses some concern about a sailboat docked near The Wellington’s slip. “Ground line 15 feet,” White tells Yawn over the radio. Cameras capture the superyacht drifting toward the line that is secured near the dock.

“I’m worried about this ground line,” Yawn says in a confessional. “If I ran over a ground line not only would I damage the prop on the boat. But then perhaps that ground line gets wrapped around and I pull that bow into the stern of the boat. And I damage two boats.”

White asks Radcliffe to watch for the ground line. “15 feet portside,” Radcliffe says in his radio. Yawn continues to look out the window at her distances as she guides the boat toward the dock. “Straighten her out,” White says.

Captain Sandy keeps her cool under pressure

The docking challenge isn’t the first time Yawn is put to the test on the series. She managed to squeeze Sirocco into a tiny slip last season and did so without breaking a sweat.

She recreated the same maneuver this season too. Crowds gathered on the dock as onlookers had to see how Yawn was going to fit the massive yacht into what could only be described as a tight slip. Yawn shared that adding to the challenge was the design of the docking station.


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 “Terrible,” Yawn said during the episode as she leaned out the window in order to back in the vessel. “Feel like I need a rearview mirror. This f**king thing.” But she triumphantly guides the boat into place without a scratch.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 5 finale is on Monday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c on Bravo.