‘Below Deck Med’: Rob Westergaard Says He Still Loves Jessica More

Rob Westergaard from Below Deck Mediterranean said he still loves Jessica More even though the couple no longer speaks.

Jessica More
Jessica More | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Westergaard made this declaration during the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show. “Yes, I do have a lot of love for Jessica, yes,” he said when host Andy Cohen asked if he loved More. “No one’s asked me that so yeah.”

More previously shared the couple is no longer in communication. “We don’t really communicate,” she told InTouch. But added, “He has a really good heart deep down in there somewhere.”

Rob Westergaard would like to get back together with Jessica More

Cohen observed that Westergaard seemed like someone who falls hard. “Yeah, definitely,” he said. “I’m not gonna do something half-a**sed you know.” Aesha Scott was a co-guest and suggested that the couple get back together.

“Yeah, I wish it was so simple,” Westergaard replied. Cohen agreed that the situation indeed seemed to be complex. Meanwhile, Westergaard said his working relationship with bosun Malia White got better and communication with her improved.

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Westergaard and More weren’t speaking during the latest episode. Christine “Bugsy” Drake realized that the couple was breaking down and decided to put them in a room together to hash out their fight. She said having the couple at odds with each other was bad for everyone on the boat.

Westergaard appreciated what Drake tried to do. “Yeah, I don’t think I thanked her for that,” he said. “So if you’re seeing this, thank you Bugs. I appreciate you.”

He also shared he is currently single. Westergaard said he got a lot of DM’s after his first appearance on WWHL, but mainly just people laughing at his “dad” jokes.

Jessica More says she’d never been deceived this way before

Although Westergaard professed his love, it doesn’t appear that More is interested in reconciling. “I’m gonna be honest,” she said on the Below Deck Med After Show. “Something that actually really bothers me is that I trusted him, for the first time. I’ve never trusted a man before and I actually trusted him, 100% authentically.”

“Yet I don’t think have ever been deceived the way I have,” she continued. “It was extreme intense emotion. I don’t know where that came from. Am I ever going to experience that again in my life? I don’t know.”

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“The issue is when someone is a pathological liar and compulsive cheater, it’s a not a very settling feeling,” she shared on Twitter. “Women have intuition, that was my intuition screaming at me.”

“He had extremely strong energy,” More said on another Below Deck Med After Show. “You know and you can feel when his interest is pivoting to somebody else. So I was just like you just told me you fricken loved me and you wanna go to Bali, and a million other things he told me about a future together and whatever.”