‘Below Deck Med’ Season 6 Crew Blast Lexi Wilson’s ‘Bad Edit’ Excuse at Reunion – ‘It’s Not the Edit. It’s You’

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 crew blasted Lexi Wilson’s claim that she was edited to look worse than she was on the show. “Lexi on social media has been blaming a lot of people,” host Andy Cohen shared. “She’s been blaming production. She said she’s been given a very bad edit. She thinks she’s been edited very unfairly.” Wilson was invited to appear at the reunion. But she “strongly” declined, Cohen said.

The ‘Below Deck Med’ crew do not think Lexi Wilson got a bad edit

“That’s pretty classic of anyone throughout the seasons who’s come on Below Deck and not liked the way they’ve behaved when drunk,” bosun Malia White observed. “It’s pretty nasty when you watch yourself back and you see all the regrets and mistakes you’ve made.” White added, “It’s not the edit. It’s you.”

The Below Deck Med crew do not buy Lexi Wilson's assertion she got a bad edit
The Below Deck Med crew do not buy Lexi Wilson’s assertion she got a bad edit | Laurent Basset/Bravo

Deckhand Lloyd Spencer added, “We all gave her a second chance,” he said referring to the moment Wilson joined the deck team in the hot tub when she was sober. They joked and bonded over Harry Potter and how Wilson never read the books or saw the films. “We were going to try to get along for the rest of the season,” he continued. “And then she went off the rails again.”

Mzi ‘Zee’ Dempers makes a shocking reveal about Lexi Wilson

Wilson pushed Mzi “Zee” Dempers in the crew mess during that initial crew debacle. And she made a racial slur about Dempers too. He doesn’t think she was edited badly. “Honestly no,” he said. “I don’t believe Lexi got an unfair edit. I know she’s posted a whole bunch of things on Instagram that are not fair in terms of production. And in terms of myself. She didn’t get an unfair edit.”

Dempers revealed that Wilson alleged that “apparently I want to be white?” he laughed. “And that I don’t support Black people. That’s something I don’t believe at all. Because I’m for Black empowerment and Black people doing great things.”

‘Below Deck Med’ crew said Lexi Wilson was edited to look better than she was on the show

The crew also said if anything, Wilson was edited to look better than she was on the show. Chief stew Katie Flood revealed that producers had to step in when Wilson pushed Dempers in the crew mess. “Production actually stepped in,” Flood said earlier in the reunion. “Yeah, because it was getting so out of hand. They actually stepped in and like lost our sh*t like, “This is not what we are about.’ And if it goes any further I’m pretty sure Lexi would have been removed straight away. But I guess she reined it in at that point.”

“If anything she was edited nicely that night,” White said. Adding, “She was much worse.”


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Executive producer Nadine Rajabi hinted that they had to step in during a violent situation. “Something happens this season, which we don’t show,” she said on the Melissa Rivers’ Group Text podcast. “Where I’ve had to go out and stop the situation. So there’s a lot of times like that where I will not tolerate that. And it’s not OK. It’s unacceptable and those are the times when I will step in and go this isn’t OK or you’ve got to let people go in those situations.”

She added, “No violence,” she said. “Never violence. Racism, sexism. Any of those things. There’s times where I’ve been prepared if there’s somebody that I feel is too drunk and they’re in danger. I’ve been prepared where I’ve gone out and I’m like hey get out of the jacuzzi this is not OK.”