‘Below Deck Med’ Season 7 Drama on Simmer – Captain Sandy Teases ‘a Lot of Things Will Be Shocking’

Think you have Below Deck Med Season 7 figured out? Think again, Captain Sandy Yawn recently said.

“There’s nothing more shocking than a chef quitting,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet referring to last year’s chef drama. But added, “But viewers need to stick around, to be honest. I think a lot of stuff will be shocking. I was. I’m shocked. And I had no idea that was happening.”

The current ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 7 drama is probably not the big storyline

Below Deck has an amazing knack for nudging viewers toward early drama during the season, while the real storyline is brewing underneath. Past season examples include Lara Flumiani’s insubordinate behavior on Below Deck Med Season 5. And the chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s shocking food disasters on Below Deck Med Season 4. Both instances, while surprising, were almost forgotten by the end of the season, overshadowed by bigger, more explosive storylines.

Below Deck Med Season 7 chef Dave White stands in front of a computer and writes a menu
Dave White | Laurent Basset/Bravo

Only a few episodes in, viewers are following a bosun who’s smoke breaks outnumber her hours on deck. And a secret romance between the chief stew and chef that takes an explosive turn during boozy nights out on the town. While somewhat compelling, these storylines haven’t quite blown the viewers away … but those early Below Deck storylines are usually just primers for the main event.

The ‘Below Deck’ guest roster and drama has yet to be revealed

Only a few sets of guests have appeared on the show. And while the first group had the pleasure of extreme seasickness for a few minutes when the superyacht’s stabilizers blew, the guest groups have been pretty tame to date.

In nearly every season in the franchise, the series manages to find at least one or more “doozies.” Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 began with a guest sexually harassing second stew Gabriela Barragan. But that wasn’t the “bad” group of guests. Viewers’ jaws collectively hit the ground when Charles “Chuck” Sanders, Erica Rose, and her mother Cindi arrived. Not only did they endlessly complain and leave sunless tanner all over the sailing yacht’s white couch, but they also left one of the worst tips in the history of the show.

Previews show that the Below Deck Med Season 7 guests will give the crew a run for their money, which includes totally naked guests. “I was this f***ing close to her vagina,” deckhand Storm Smith says in a confessional. “And I was just like … OK.”

But most dramatically, stew Kyle Viljoen appears to kiss a charter guest – a huge no-no if they are still on charter. So did he violate the crew code of conduct?

Crew drama is only heating up on season 7

The current focus is, will bosun Raygan Tyler be fired on Below Deck Med Season 7? Plus, chief stew Natasha Webb and chef Dave White’s secret and contentious romance is consuming a good amount of footage.

But crew drama only appears to be unfolding. Viljoen and co-second stew Natalya Scudder currently have a fun, playful working relationship. But that appears to blow up at some point during the season.

Plus, if Tyler is fired, who becomes bosun and who is the new deckhand? Will the new deckhand bring drama? Scudder and Smith are also beginning a boatmance which could go south – or end up being the kind of hookup viewers love.

Also teased is perhaps a bigger boat collision this season. Yawn already bumped into a dolphin when Tyler was calling distances. She said the boat wasn’t damaged, but the trailer shows differently. Does she have another crash this season that damages the yacht? The hybrid superyacht shows a long gash – almost like someone keyed the boat. “I’ve never hit anything in my career – ever,” Yawn says in a confessional. “F***.”

So hold on … Below Deck Med Season 7 is only getting started.

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