‘Below Deck Med’: These Detroiters Spill (Literally) About Their Charter Guest Experience

Below Deck Mediterranean recently teased about the next group of charter guests possibly getting arrested and someone getting pretty sick.

But this fun-loving group from Detroit, Michigan told The Detroit News they had a blast on Sirocco and walked away with a great experience being on the show. “It was an unbelievable experience,” charter guest, Kairi Horsley said. “They wined and dined us, private lunch on the beach, VIP access at the local club, catered to our every need.” 

Aesha Scott
Aesha Scott | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This group’s enthusiasm was quite apparent as one of the guests was probably the most excited person ever to see a water slide. That had to make the deckhands feel pretty good considering some guests barely use the toys after they exhaustively set them up.

The guests looked like they had a blast

Without giving away that he was on Below Deck Med, charter guest Leland Calloway shared several pictures from the amazing getaway. The group looks happy in every snap, having an amazing time.

While none of the crew or production team were featured in any of the photos, Calloway included photos with his friends partying onshore, an evening lights picture and a gorgeous picture of a neighboring sailboat.

Most of the footage Bravo has shared also shows the gang having a great time. When the water slide is revealed the glee coming from one of the guests is unprecedented. While some of the guys hit the jetskis the waterslide is being given a little extra “fuel” thanks to some dish soap. Captain Sandy Yawn looks on as the guests could not be happier.

But maybe they were having a little too much fun?

Like kids on Christmas, the charter guests dove into the toys, zooming around on the jet skis. Bosun João Franco is filmed telling one guest to stay 500 meters away from the shore due to regulations. The guest nods and is ready to take off.

But the guests on jet skis were more interested in exploring the entire area. Yawn spots one of the guests too far out and becomes concerned. “Did the jet ski really go over there,” Yawn wonders. “What the f**k?” A neighboring boater asks the guest what he is doing in that area too as he zips by.

Yawn finds Franco and demands he bring the jetskis back immediately. “If they ride the jetskis where they are not supposed to, we load the jetskis,” she tells him. “We get fined. Go after the jetskis. Go now.” She explains this could be extremely dangerous as the cops are seen on their way.

And then this wasn’t fun either

During breakfast service, one guest is either seasick or a little too buzzed (and seasick). Either way, this was a first for Below Deck Med when the guest vomits not only on stew Aesha Scott but a cameraman on the deck below.

The guys know what is about to happen because a lot of “uh oh” comments are heard from the group. ‘Go to the bathroom,” a guest urges. But too late. As Scott walks up the stairs with two champagne flutes the guest begins to vomit. Everywhere. He lets it rip over the side of the boat and unfortunately, he hits a cameraman below. Lou, the cameraman looks less than happy as he shakes his head.

Meanwhile, the rest of the unfortunate guest’s friends are laughing. “Have some mimosa, wash your mouth out,” one guest jokes. “I don’t think anyone’s thrown up on me before,” Scott remarks. “That was my first time!”

Catch up with these fun-loving charter guests this Monday, on Below Deck Med at 9/8c only on Bravo.