‘Below Deck Med’: Why Didn’t Hannah Ferrier and Bugsy Drake Get Along?

Hannah Ferrier’s reaction was priceless when she learned Christine “Bugsy” Drake would return to Below Deck Mediterranean. Her face dropped and she looked downright uncomfortable.

Bobby Giancola, Bugsy Drake from 'Below Deck Med'
Bobby Giancola, Bugsy Drake |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Ferrier struggled during the second charter without a second stew, but she appeared to be deflated when she learned Drake would be the one to return. Captain Sandy Yawn tried to pump her up, reminding her that Drake is a strong stew. Plus those all-important tablescapes would shine.

Bosun Malia White also worked with Drake when they both appeared on season 2. They got along well and White seemed genuinely excited for Drake to return. However, the rest of the crew was flummoxed as to why Ferrier seemed so freaked out. Why didn’t the stews get along in the past?

Drake thought Ferrier wasn’t a strong worker

Chef Adam Glick noticed that Drake brought her A-game and rubbed it in Ferrier’s face. He even told Ferrier that he thought Drake should be chief stew, which further exacerbated the situation.

Drake said she was frustrated with Ferrier the entire season too. She didn’t say anything to Ferrier until she finally confided in Yawn. “I think chatting with Sandy in the galley where I had a nice heart to heart with her about my frustrations,” she said in a throwback digital original. “And she kind of said, ‘Now’s a better time than ever. So you don’t snap on the last charter.’ And I kind of went with it.”

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Cameras captured Drake pulling Ferrier aside and telling her she thought she had been a lousy chief stew that season. “It’s a terrifying thing to confront your manager about how you’re feeling,” Drake recalls. “It was never a vindictive sort of move on my part but it was just something I felt like I needed to … I needed to let her know my feelings.”

Drake wanted to get it out in the open

She said she sticks to her word and will tell the person how she feels. “But there never seems to be the right moment,” Drake continued. “Would there ever have been a right moment throughout the season? I’m not sure. But this to me was just pent up frustration needing to come out.”

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Drake also hoped her remarks would set the record straight too. “It’s really not the easiest thing to do,” she insists. “It’s so hard. I was not sure of the outcome. I was so nervous to confront Hannah. But I think at the end, and like seeing it back in retrospect, it’s made me stronger in my character to know I actually can speak my mind when something’s not right.”

She adds that it takes a lot to get her frustrated too. “I feel like I’m a tolerant person,” Drake said. Glick, who was seated next to Drake agreed. He shaded Ferrier when he appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht this season, calling her dark and difficult to work with.

Ferrier insists Drake talked about her behind her back

Ferrier told Radiodotcom that Drake talked behind her back. “And then did nothing to my face,” she said. “I think we aren’t the type of people that would be friends on a day to day life,” Ferrier remarks. “She’s like really goodie-goodie two shoes. And I push every role I can.”

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Ferrier may not have known that Drake was close to quitting at one point.  “I was ready to walk off the boat at that stage, and that is no joke,” Drake insisted. “And I didn’t want to because I had made great friends, had a great crew, and I wanted to see the end of the season through. And I think it’s kind of good to just let it be known.” 

Below Deck Mediterranean is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.