‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Athena Lucene Deals With Social Media Backlash After Making Demands on the Show

Below Deck Mediterranean charter guest Athena Lucene faced social media backlash after being accused of mistreating the crew and being too demanding. Lucene addressed several of the remarks that were shared on her Instagram, explaining why she pushed for dinner to be served early and explained that she was there to meet her client’s expectations during the charter.

Athena Lucene received social media backlash from her ‘Below Deck Med’ appearance

Lucene fielded more than one negative remark about her Below Deck Mediterranean charter. “What a total cringeworthy episode. Total embarrassment. This was painful to watch. Life coach and entrepreneur’s” one person commented on a post Lucene shared about a watch party.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Captain Sandy Yawn cast photo
Below Deck Mediterranean’s Captain Sandy Yawn cast photo | Laurent Basset/Bravo

“Your success has nothing to do with how you treat your fellow humans,” another person remarked. “There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs out there that treat people with respect. You are using your social status as an excuse to mistreat people. You should be ashamed of yourself after watching that footage.”

Athena Lucene said she is rising above the negativity from her ‘Below Deck Med’ appearance  

Despite the negative remarks, Lucene said she is rising above the chatter. “Our success is hard for some persons to handle,” she wrote in response to vicious comments. “The more things change the more they stay the same. We see them and things for what it really is. We still living our best life though.”

She also added for the haters, “Online bullying and harassment is never okay. When they go low, we go high like Michelle Obama has eloquently said.”

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Mzi “Zee” Dempers said he could understand why Lucene was under pressure. “Looking back at it all, I think Athena was trying to put on the best show for her guests,” he told Decider. “Entertaining people is always going to be a big thing, so you want the best of the best. So I do understand where her lack of patience at times comes from. She definitely was a little bit impatient, but I get it when you’re trying to entertain people, so it’s fair enough.”

Athena Lucene said the guests were simply hungry on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

She addressed remarks that she was being too demanding with the crew when she showed up in the galley kitchen, announcing that the guests were ready to eat, but two guests hadn’t arrived at the table. “In a perfect world yes that is how it goes in service,” she replied to a question on Instagram about why she couldn’t wait for the rest of the guests to be seated. Chief stew Katie Flood shared in a confessional that she always until all guests are seated at the table and then begins service. So Lucene’s demand took her off guard.

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But added, “We were just hungry after a long day and water sports and two guests were later and we decided to go forward with dinner. The crew were amazing!!” Lucene later shared that she was also there to ensure her clients, Jackpot and Jivenson, from online trading firm FX Capital, were having the luxury getaway of their dreams. “I took a lot of pride in ensuring I delivered and exceeded my clients’ expectations which they paid me to do while being respectful and appreciating of the crew that were all amazing and helped to make it all happen!” she shared.