‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Baby Has Arrived! Tiffany Copeland Is a New Mom

Below Deck Mediterranean stew Tiffany Copeland announced she is a new mom and that her daughter arrived on July 3. “Miss Amelia Rose Jones, 7/3/2021, 6 lbs 1 oz, 18.5”, she shared on Instagram.

Tiffany Copeland went past her due date

Copeland shared she was past her due date on July 1. “I’m past my due date. What day do you think she’s coming??” she tweeted. Fans told her to hold tight and the baby will arrive when she is ready. And then Copeland added, “Hubby is convinced I’ll go into labor today and have her tomorrow. I’m shooting for the 7th” Looks like Copeland’s guess was off a few days, but she’s likely happy her child arrived.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 cast photo of Tiffany Copeland
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 cast photo of Tiffany Copeland |Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

She also shared how she was done with being pregnant during those last few days. “Went for an ultrasound yesterday. Did a weigh in. Husband: you gained 3 pounds since last week! Technician: [shocked and embarrassed emoji],” she tweeted. “I think she thought I was gonna slap him. Happy to be helping our baby grow.”

‘Below Deck Med’ baby was coming soon … but when?

Copeland also joked about how she could give birth at any moment. “If someone gave birth in a @target, would they get free Target for life?” she tweeted toward the end of June. She also shared one last photo before giving birth too. “Our little mermaid will be here soon!!”


Like many pregnant women, Copeland had her share of odd encounters with people offering unsolicited comments about her pregnancy. “Just had a man come up to me, tell me I looked like I was ready to go into labor, then recited a poem about an embryo,” she tweeted in mid-June.

Tiffany Copeland also had a health scare during her pregnancy

Being pregnant with your first child is scary enough, but Copeland also had a health scare and she ended up in the hospital. “This past week I spent some time in the hospital and ER,” she explained in an Instagram story. “I thought I had normal pregnancy pains (round ligament pain),” she shared in March. “Turns out, my appendix burst. Symptoms are very similar! If you have abdominal pain while pregnant, accompanied with fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, seek medical attention!”


She added, “I only threw up bile and lost my appetite,” she described. “But also got night sweats and a low grade fever when I was admitted.” Thankfully she and the baby were just fine. “Baby J and I are home and feeling much better!”

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Copeland’s daughter is the second Below Deck Mediterranean baby born to a crew member on the series.