‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Is Captain Sandy Ready to Propose to Girlfriend Leah Shafer?

Captain Sandy Yawn just officiated her first wedding on Below Deck Mediterranean, so are wedding bells in her future with girlfriend Leah Shafer? While the couple is building a home together in Florida and haven’t left each other’s side, Yawn said they are currently just focusing on their relationship. “Yeah, you know, honestly, slow and steady wins the race,” Yawn told Bravo Insider about the idea of marriage someday. “So I do. I do. I mean, who knows? Like, it’s only been two years. Just under two years, so let’s see.”

Below Deck Mediterranean cast photo of Captain Sandy Yawn
Below Deck Mediterranean cast photo of Captain Sandy Yawn | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Captain Sandy and Leah Shafer are happy to build their life together

Yawn and Shafer don’t need a marriage contract to show their devotion to each other. Yawn launched a nationwide speaking tour and Shafer will make guest appearances along the way. “Sandy is going to do a 70 city live tour and I’ll join her for a lot of them,” Shafer recently shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Not all, because I just opened my new business Hydralounge here in Lonetree Co IV and Skin ‘Hydrate from the inside out.'”

She added, “We are building our home in Florida which will be done in 18 months. I’ll open a second Hydralounge Location in Jacksonville!  Sandy wants to inspire others through her raw and real stories of life before and after Below Deck and through music which is me or a local artist. We are both about using our past and things we go through to help others.”

Captain Sandy and Leah Shafer shared their relationship story in 2019

Yawn added to Bravo Insider that “And yeah, life is good. Just love in the air.” In 2019, Showbiz Cheat Sheet broke the news that Yawn and Shafer were a couple. “It was definitely unexpected,” Shafer said. “It just happened, when you meet another soul that you connect with at such a deep level, it is unexplainable and so beautiful.”

The couple met via social media. Shafer sent a direct message to Yawn. “She sent me a nice message that said, ‘I came across your show, congratulations, many blessings,’” Yawn said.

“It was like a spiritual connection in the beginning,” Shafer continued. “She has a passion for inspiring through music and the youth. And broken people and so do I coming from the gospel industry. That’s what brought us together. And then, of course, the attraction and falling in love with a beautiful soul and knowing you want to be with someone forever. I’ve never felt that way before.”

Leah Shafer and Captain Sandy support each other in work and life

Shafer shared that Yawn plans to answer audience questions on tour, so it will be an interactive platform. She also revealed what makes their relationship so cohesive. “When she leaves for work, yes we miss each other, but what makes us work is trust and support,” Shafer revealed. “She can be gone weeks or even months and I have my life and she has hers.”

“And we allow one another to be independent and pursue our passions,” she continued. “But we always put our relationship first. Trust and security is huge. I’ve been in entertainment my whole life, so I’m proud of Sandy’s fame and success.” She joked, “I’m getting good at being the photo taker.”

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