‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Captain Sandy’s Girlfriend Reveals She Won’t Appear on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean shared that girlfriend Leah Shafer won’t be featured in an upcoming episode of America’s Got Talent. Shafer and Yawn previously posted in anticipation of her episode coming out later this season. But Shafer received an email from producers that her audition won’t air. “When things happen that’s out of our control, we get back up, brush ourselves off and get back out there! Success is not measured by ‘the win’ it’s measured by the resilience and perseverance!” Yawn shared on Instagram.

Leah Shafer shares that she won’t be on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Earlier in the day, Shafer shared that her audition went well, but viewers will never get to see it. She began her Instagram post with, “AGT update: I WON’T BE ON.”

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean and Leah Shafer at WWHL
Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean and Leah Shafer at WWHL | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Shafer went on to explain that the AGT judges had an emotional reaction. “I auditioned and MADE the judges cut. they said Yes!! Heidi Klum even stood up for me. Sofia cried:) I was soooo excited. Then BAM. The hard part was I actually made it and got put through. And afterward many of the audience members came up to me crying and hug me saying thank you for being so brave and coming out.”

‘AGT’ judges heard Leah Shafer’s story and hurdles she’s had to overcome

Shafer also opened up about her journey, sharing some of the obstacles she’s had to overcome, which included three family members’ deaths to Covid-19 (coronavirus) this year.


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“I shared my story about being a gospel singer and then after choosing to be in a relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn; a woman and how those churches no longer welcome me to sing on the platform because of my choice and how hard it was,” she continued in her post. “My music was pulled off radio stations and my physical CDs were shipped back to my home. I got hate mail saying I was going to hell. But that never caused me to turn away from God. God is love.” She added, “I spoke about my dad, grandma, and aunt dying of covid. I sang the song ‘Anyway’!
I nailed it!:).”

Why won’t Leah Shafer’s ‘AGT’ episode air?

Despite the positive experience, Shafer received an email from production that the episode will not air. “BUT, I just got an email from AGT informing me that I will not continue because they no longer have a second half of the show,” she revealed. “I was shocked and sad and bummed because sandy and I announced on social media about me auditioning. I wish they would have told me their decision before they had me announce and make such a big deal. The joys of entertainment and it’s ok.”

“I understand the show has to make decisions and accept it. I’m sorry to all of you who have been waiting and watching to see me. I’ve been getting hundreds of messages and decided to post this. I was waiting too. My heart was sad but God has another plan. I will keep singing and put God first and it wasn’t meant to be.”

She added, “It was a great experience. Simon was so kind and it’s all an experience of life.”