‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Hannah Ferrier Reveals Who She Texted in the Bathroom After Her Confrontation With Captain Sandy

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 viewers likely recall the dramatic moment when Hannah Ferrier was confronted for having unregistered prescription Valium and a vape pen on the boat. But what viewers don’t know is what she was doing when she retreated to the bathroom shortly after Captain Sandy Yawn confronted her. Yawn worried that Ferrier was flushing the medication down the toilet.

But Ferrier recently revealed what she was actually doing – which was not trying to dispose of her medication.

Who was Hannah Ferrier texting after she met with Captain Sandy?

Ferrier recounted the moment on her newly named Dear Reality, You’re Effed podcast. Her special guest was fiancé Josh Roberts, who was actually the person on the phone with Ferrier when she was in the bathroom during that memorable moment. Ferrier also shared she was also trying to text her attorney and agent. “I’m sure many of you remember the scene straight after I was fired,” Ferrier recalled. “When I was in the bathroom and Sandy decided to come in with a camera.”

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean calls a stew on the radio
Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean calls a stew on the radio |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

“I was actually in there … I did need to go to the bathroom,” Ferrier said. “But I was also texting Josh and my agent, and my lawyer. Because, you know, when you get fired for drugs on camera it’s a bit of a big deal. So that’s what was going on in the bathroom.”

What did Josh Roberts think when Hannah Ferrier told him she’d been fired?

Ferrier was in touch with Roberts during the ordeal, so what did he think? “Well, I think for one thing, I was in Japan,” he said. Ferrier laughed, “Watching the rugby?”

But Roberts replied, “No no,” he said. “I was in a small village in the north of Japan. I think it was 2:00 in the morning.” He added, “I didn’t really know what was going on.” Ferrier laughed and added, “I didn’t know what was going on either!”

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“Pretty shocked,” Roberts said about his reaction to Ferrier being fired. Ferrier then recalled that Roberts had to leave. “Because he was over in Japan to watch the rugby. And he had to leave one of the games the night [chef] Kiko got fired. I was on the dock bawling my eyes out. Very sad about that. Memories, don’t you love a stroll down memory lane?”

Hannah Ferrier describes what she did after she left the boat

After being interupted in the bathroom, Ferrier retreated to the dock, which was when she tried to call her attorney.

“The other thing that really annoyed me with the whole firing was that obviously when you’ve been on a TV show for that long, I went outside on the docks to call my lawyer and to call my agent,” Ferrier shared on the Everyone Is Terrible podcast.

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“And [Sandy] came out and then kept going at me. And I’m like, lady you’ve just fired me for drugs, for anti-anxiety medication basically on camera. You know what you are doing as well, like, you’ve done it a few seasons.” Ferrier added that she was “worried about the backlash of being made to look like a drug addict.”