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‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Katie Flood Reveals Why She Didn’t Tell Captain Sandy Everything About Lexi Wilson (Exclusive)

Katie Flood from 'Below Deck Mediterranean' revealed why she did not tell Captain Sandy everything that happened that night with Lexi Wilson. She admitted that she was pretty intoxicated so she didn't have a very clear memory of what went down.

Chief stew Katie Flood is speaking out about Lexi Wilson’s shocking behavior on this season of Below Deck Mediterranean and explaining why she didn’t tell Captain Sandy Yawn how badly Wilson behaved during a wild night off with the rest of the crew.

“I was actually really intoxicated myself,” Flood told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “And I know I came across that I really had it together. I was shocked watching it back!” Flood said she was so drunk she couldn’t knit together the entire turn of events that night, which prevented her from telling Yawn the worst parts of the evening.

Katie Flood didn’t remember what happened on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Wilson verbally lashed out at the entire crew after a night of drinking. She also pushed Mzi “Zee” Dempers in the crew mess and forced herself on Lloyd Spencer in the hot tub. “When I woke up that next morning, I think I said to Courtney [Veale] that Lexi lost her s— last night with every single crew member,” Flood said.

Chief stew Katie Flood from Below Deck Mediterranean shared why she didn't tell Captain Sandy everything about Lexi Wilson
Chief stew Katie Flood from ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ shared why she didn’t tell Captain Sandy everything about Lexi Wilson | Laurent Basset/Bravo

“And I couldn’t tell you word for word what she had said,” Flood said. “I’m not a liar. Like I’m not going to go to Captain Sandy and say things that I wasn’t 100% sure what happened or not. I knew it was bad. Like I knew something bad happened. I knew she had acted completely out of line.”

Katie Flood wasn’t going to fabricate a lie about Lexi Wilson

“And in my eyes, I see it as a firable offense,” Flood admitted. “But at the time, everyone is saying, ‘You didn’t tell Captain Sandy the truth.’ Because I didn’t actually know! And what am I going to do, sit there and tell Captain Sandy a potential lie about another crew member? Like that’s not fair. And so I think it’s really hard to navigate because she acted this way. And I guess all of us were quite drunk that night. So there’s a lot of things we didn’t really know. We just knew it was bad.”

Because the entire crew was drunk, no one had a lucid and accurate account of what occurred. “I think Captain Sandy didn’t have the full idea because of that,” she said. “It purely came down to alcohol. I think people don’t understand that. But that’s the truth of what happened.”

Only the captain can fire someone on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

“I think it’s just hard,” Flood added. “Because I mean I am a chief stew. But at the end of the day, I don’t have the right to fire somebody. That’s up to the captain. And so I went to Captain Sandy and I told her. I was like, ‘Look like some messed up s— happened.’ And she chose to make us soldier on. So that’s what we did, is we tried to soldier on. And then again, it’s not up to me, it’s up to the captain.”


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“So I was doing my job and respecting what Captain Sandy asked of me,” Flood said. “And I was trying to do that. So that’s what it came down to. It’s not her not having my back. She was trying to push me as well. I think people don’t understand that also.”

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