‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Katie Flood Reveals the Real Reason Why She Was Hesitant to Add Delaney Evans

Chief stew Katie Flood was hesitant to add Delaney Evans to the Below Deck Mediterranean crew and revealed the real reason why. The charter guest’s comment about the lack of service was upsetting but Flood shared that the infamous night in the hot tub with Lexi Wilson became the point of no return for the crew. She knew that the problem that began in the hot tub was getting worse. However, she didn’t want to complicate the crew dynamic further by adding another person.

The crew problem grew from the hot tub night on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Flood admitted that Wilson’s disastrous night in the hot tub changed everything. “That charter was the charter I realized, this problem is getting bigger and bigger,” Flood said on the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show. “And obviously it all stems from that crew night out.”

Chief stew Katie Flood from Below Deck Mediterranean
Chief stew Katie Flood from Below Deck Mediterranean | Laurent Basset/Bravo

Cameras flashed back to the fateful night when Wilson lashed out at the entire crew. Then Wilson dropped the ball on several occasions during the last charter. She was rotated off of service and worked in the laundry room. “Honestly, I was hesitant even though I sound like a hypocrite because I was complaining the whole time about not having as many stews as I would like,” Flood admitted. So she worried that with the crew dynamic already being off due to Wilson, how would a new person impact the crew?

Why was Katie Flood worried about adding a new stew to ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’?

“I think it was just like daunting at the time because I’m like like there’s already this dynamic onboard,” Flood said. “You bring in somebody else, bring in one person that can change the whole dynamic. Because, look, one person already changed the whole dynamics. So when Captain Sandy [Yawn] said that I was kind of like, I can’t think about this right now.”

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Wilson said that she appreciated having an additional stew because it would even the playing field on the boat. The deck team always functions with four crew members on the show. Whereas the interior is a three-person department. Bosun Malia White also liked the idea of a fourth stew. “I thought it was a great thing,” she said. “An extra set of hands is an extra set of hands.”

White also liked the notion that her deck team would remain more on deck too.

Courtney Veale shares why she was frustrated about the new stew

And while the team reluctantly agreed to bring on a new stew, Courtney Veale was frustrated. She said that instead of addressing Wilson’s service, the team glossed over it and just brought in another person. “The thing that was frustrating me was if it was an extra person coming on just because of Lexi’s performance,” she remarked. Veale asked Flood if she was going to be demoted as a result. Flood said she wasn’t going down in rank.

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“The thought of us having to add a crew member to the crew that’s already worked there that’s been there for the whole season,” she said. “Just because one person isn’t performing. That was what kind of was kind of frustrating me when I first found this out. It definitely caused some, like, anxiety and worry just because it was like is the kind of new personality so late in the season.”