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Lexi Wilson opened up about her storyline on Below Deck Mediterranean, teasing she leaves the boat but was cryptic with exactly how she departs. She answered questions on her Instagram story and a viewer wondered if she quits. She replied, “Yes and no” to the question. Wilson is seen in a preview telling chief stew Katie Flood she’s quitting the boat while on the phone with her mother. In her Instagram story, she also addressed the conflict she had with chef Mathew Shea regarding the lamb she helped herself to in the galley kitchen.

Lexi Wilson clarifies the kitchen spat with Chef Mathew

She also posted a photo from the show and a fan commented, “It looks like it’ll be a good season.” Wilson replied, “Well [and two sad emoji faces].”

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast photo of Lexi Wilson
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast photo of Lexi Wilson |Laurent Basset/Bravo

Beyond her impending departure, Wilson also shared that editing played a role in the encounter she had with Shea. She wrote, “24 hours and the camera is rolling but only 47 minutes is aired (let that sink in). Then they have to adjust the hours to fit the 40 minutes! A few things though: I never walked into the galley [and] pick up without asking.”

She then added that the lamb she ate was a scrap. “It was scraps. Literally scraps on a bone. 2 pieces of bones. Now I understand when an industry friend told me it’s not the cameras you should be concerned about it’s the editing.”

Lexi Wilson confirms she is no longer in yachting

Wilson’s Instagram profile included “No Longer in the Yachting Industry.” She also didn’t share and post about the show until recently. Wilson confirmed in her Instagram story that she has left the yachting industry.  


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And while she’s been quiet about the show and may (or may not) quit, she will attend the reunion if the season is granted one. “I think it’s virtual!” she replied to a question about the reunion. “Most likely unless I have something I absolutely can’t get out of!”

‘Below Deck Med’ trouble ahead: Lexi Wilson kept a ‘burn’ list on the boat

An upcoming Below Deck Mediterranean preview teased that Wilson maintained a “burn” list about other crew members and Wilson’s cabinmate Malia White finds the list. Wilson and White are both on break in their cabin and that’s when Wilson tells her she has a burn list.

“Of like human names on it?” White asks. They laugh and White wonders if she can read the list. “Oh my God,” White says. White then confirms she is not on the list. “An idle mind is a dangerous mind,” Wilson laughs. “Let’s see all the people who wronged me.” She then explains, “When you win pageants, like you have like, the most evilest set of people.”

“It kinda makes me wanna sleep with one eye open,” White admits in a confessional.

“They’re gonna see my success one day and wish they were nice to me,” Wilson remarks.