‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Lexi Wilson Was Told She Is the ‘Worst Person’ Chef Mathew Met: Does He Regret Saying It?

Chef Mathew Shea from Below Deck Mediterranean still doesn’t regret telling Lexi Wilson he thinks she’s the “worst person” he’s ever met. And while he doesn’t seem to regret much when it came to Wilson, there are other scenarios he wishes he could get a redo on this season.

What doesn’t Chef Mathew regret this season?

Shea doesn’t have any regrets when it comes to Wilson, except for one situation. He appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and addressed regrets this season. The chef doesn’t regret the initial friction with Wilson when she walked through a pile of dirt and crumbs he had just swept. She then started eating lamb while he prepped a plate for the guests and snarked at Shea about picking up the pace. That’s when he lost it on her and bounced her from the galley.

Chef Mathew Shea from 'Below Deck Mediterranean' shares what he regrets (and doesn't regret) on' WWHL'
Chef Mathew Shea | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“No!” he said when asked if he regretted yelling at her. “She showed me how confrontational she was in the beginning.”

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He also told her she had “bad” parents during their final fight. Wilson’s father had recently died and host Andy Cohen wondered if Shea shouldn’t have said that to Wilson. “I didn’t know her dad had passed away, honestly,” he said. “And she was saying the ‘R’ word which we can all agree is unacceptable.”

What does Chef Mathew regret when it came to Lexi Wilson?

While Shea doesn’t regret the comments he made to Wilson, he does regret telling the crew he planned to give Captain Sandy Yawn an ultimatum. During the heat of the moment, he told the crew either Wilson goes or he goes. He didn’t follow through on the threat, but Yawn was angry when she found out he made it.

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Yawn fired Wilson but allowed Shea to stay even though he was directly involved in the fight. But Yawn made it perfectly clear that an ultimatum would inspire her to fire Shea. He definitely regretted making that statement when he was on WWHL. Yawn further explained during the episode why she allowed Shea to stay and a lot had to do with his talent. “I want Mathew to stay because the chef I have in quarantine doesn’t have the CV that Mathew has,” Yawn shared in a confessional.

Additionally, Shea doesn’t regret pushing chief stew Katie Flood to fire Delaney Evans (and Wilson). “I like the team we had,” he said. “Without Delaney and Lexi.”

Chef Mathew had plenty of other regrets this season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Shea had at least four regrets when it came to his actions on the boat. He regrets not pushing through when he injured his knee before the first charter. He also regrets storming off the boat in a drunken rage. Shea also cringed when he saw the footage where he boasted about being thrilled with sex parties.

He then had to address those infamous cakes he made for Athena Lucene. Shea previously explained he was under the gun and didn’t have time to make the cake he would have liked. But now he’s not going to sweat it. “I told Courtney I didn’t have enough time to care [about the cakes],” he said.

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Finally, Shea definitely seeks approval when it comes to his food and relies on the crew to give him the lowdown. While most Below Deck chefs also want to know what the guests think, Shea took that to another level. Does he regret asking the crew for too many strokes? “Some things will never change,” he laughed.