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Was Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 the swansong to stew Lexi Wilson’s yachting career? She may be trying to tell viewers she’s left yachting with the bold hashtag, “No Longer in the Yachting Industry” she included in all caps in her Instagram bio. And while she may have left yachting, she hasn’t shown much love for the season on social media either.

Lexi Wilson doesn’t mention ‘Below Deck Med’ on her Instagram

Wilson’s Instagram is filled with gorgeous scenic shots and videos from exotic locations. Other Below Deck Mediterranean crew members also share photos and videos from their travels. But other crew also posted about being on the show. Instead, Wilson shared photos of beautiful flowers as she marked a tough Father’s Day earlier in June. “Today was a hard day for me, celebrating father’s day without him is difficult then I realized he is in a much better place,” she shared on June 20. Wilson shared on the show her father had recently died.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast photo of Lexi Wilson
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 cast photo of Lexi Wilson | Laurent Basset/Bravo

But when premiere day came, Wilson did not post or comment on the show. Her “2021” tab on Instagram is also crammed with travel and modeling shots. But also nothing about the show.

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ tensions build with Lexi Wilson and 2 crew members

Despite Wilson trying to butter up chef Mathew Shea, the episode 3 previews show that they ultimately butt heads. He admonishes her for walking on a pile of crumbs he just swept in the galley kitchen. In fact, he gets so annoyed he tells her to leave the kitchen.

Wilson also waves off chief stew Katie Flood when Flood interrupts her on the phone. “Right now I’m pissed off with you,” Flood is seen telling Wilson in the season 6 trailer. But Wilson replies, “I don’t care, I’m leaving.” She then returns to her phone conversation and says, “Hey mom, I’m quitting this boat.”

Is Captain Sandy’s call for a ‘deck stew’ a tease that Lexi Wilson could actually quit?

After Shea briefly leaves the boat, Captain Sandy Yawn puts two additional crew members on standby, worried about getting caught in another bind. She asks the crew recruiter to put a chef and a deck stew in quarantine so if another crew member has to leave, she has immediate backup.

Former Below Deck chief stew Adrienne Gang tweeted during the episode, wondering if the call was foreshadowing. “So… do we think that [Yawn] calling the crew agent to have a chef and a deck/stew on standby is foreshadowing? Also, over/under on how many episodes Lexi lasts?” she wrote during the latest episode.


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A viewer replied, “Totally thought foreshadowing. You just worded it better than I did when I was thinking it. LOL Lexi – I felt better after she felt better in the morning… but maybe by 3rd charter?”

So does Wilson actually go through with her threat to quit? And is that why she hasn’t posted or commented about the show? Stay tuned as Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET/PT. New episodes will be available on Peacock one week early on Mondays.