‘Below Deck Med’ Season 6 Ender Explodes: ‘Arguments Between People Who You’d Never Think Would Have Arguments’

  • Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 viewers will be shocked by the new crew dynamics
  • Did Captain Sandy overreact when she screamed at Malia White?
  • Chief stew Katie Flood teases shocking twists and turns

Below Deck Mediterranean doubters should buckle up because the drama is only heating up this season. Now that Lexi Wilson has packed her bags, some viewers think that season 6 will end up being a snoozefest – but not so fast, revealed Alli Dore from Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

What will happen on the remaining episodes of ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 6?

Dore revealed that she got a peek at the Below Deck Med Season 6 future. And the last part of the season looks like shock and awe. “I did hear from someone who’s seen a few episodes, that apparently there are people that have arguments who you’d never think would have arguments,” Dore dished on the Pita Party Instagram. “I heard this a little while ago, so I’ve been waiting for that to come up because so far all the arguments I feel like have been pretty expected.”

“But, yeah, I’m wondering if maybe I’ve overlooked something or if there’s still something to come,” Dore added. Some viewers expressed on Twitter that with Wilson gone, the show will be boring. “Captain Sandy doing all that yelling at Malia was not necessary,” one person wrote, referring to the altercation between Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White. “She knew they needed drama and ratings now that Lexi is gone. This new episode was kinda boring.”

Why did Captain Sandy yell at Malia White?

Daisy Kelliher piped in about the drama between White and Yawn. Yawn lashed out at White when she discovered that deckhand David Pascoe sustained a serious bruise when he tumbled out of the hot tub a few nights prior. Kelliher laughed about how the exchange almost felt like White was a child being screamed at by her mother.

“I guess the final thing to kind of touch on is the injury thing with Sandy,” Kelliher observed. “And I felt like that was a little bit weird to me because it actually reminded me of a fight like with my mother. It was way too emotional. I was a bit like, OK, this is your captain, not your mom.”

Andy Cohen, Captain Sandy Yawn, and Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean on WWHL
Andy Cohen, Captain Sandy Yawn, and Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean on WWHL | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

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“Yeah, I felt [she was] way too hard on Malia,” Kelliher continued. “But it felt like for me like Sandy was at a bit of a big breaking point. I think she probably felt like she had to deal with a lot that day between Lexi and stress. Yeah, I think when she exploded at Malia, I felt like to me that she was dealing with everything. And Malia just happened to be in her eyeline at that moment. And she lost it. Because it felt like very passionate losing her sh*t.”

Katie Flood teases shocking twists and turns on ‘Below Deck Med’

Chief stew Katie Flood teased some of these very same points with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, revealing that viewers don’t realize what is coming. “What I can tell you is it’s not what you guys expect,” she recently dished.

“It’s so funny reading all the comments and stuff,” she continued. “Like people think you’ve got this all figured out. And nobody has any idea what’s about to happen. I don’t think it’s gonna be what viewers expect. And yeah, there’s a lot to come for sure.”

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Does the crew have such a horrific fallout they no longer speak? From their Instagram activity, clearly, the entire cast still supports one another (with the exception of Wilson). But friends still fight. “I can’t really say too much without spilling the tea,” Flood added. “But basically yeah, I think no one is gonna see what is coming. But I mean, one part of it yes. Also, a decision I make is about to come. And I stand my ground with that. I listened to my gut with that one. So you guys will see that one for sure. There’s definitely more in the works.”