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‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 6 Features the Biggest Kitchen Disaster in the History of the Show

The crew has to scramble when Chef Mathew doesn't return for dinner service on 'Below Deck Mediterranean.' With no other choice, the crew has to prepare the charter guest's first dinner on the boat and the guests hate the food. But they have other complaints about the meal too.

Previous Below Deck kitchen snafus and chef meltdowns prove to be mere child’s play when it comes to the absolute kitchen disaster on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6, Episode 1. Without a chef on board the boat, the crew has no choice but to prepare dinner for the guests and the result is … bad. Very, very bad.

The ‘Below Deck Med’ crew looks shocked when they learn they must prepare dinner

Chef Mathew Shea’s knee injury sends him off the boat for an MRI before the first charter begins. He preps lunch and the crew hopes Shea will return to prepare dinner for the guests. Time ticks on and Shea is a no-show. The crew has no choice but to make dinner themselves.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Chef Mathew Shea prepares a meal for the guests
Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Chef Mathew Shea prepares a meal for the guests |Laurent Basset/Bravo

Yawn breaks the news to the crew and the stunned look on bosun Malia White’s face sums it up for the crew. “I have a feeling the chef is not coming back,” Yawn informs the crew during a private meeting in the crew mess. “So we have a chef who can help in the galley, but we need to make dinner.” The crew’s reaction? Dead silence.

“So we can do surf and turf,” Yawn suggests. “Someone could grab the oysters and the lobsters and bring them up to the galley and we can start that.”

“We’re f–ked,” White says in a confessional.

Does the assistant yacht chef save the ‘Below Deck Med’ crew?

It’s all hands on deck in the kitchen. The crew, including Yawn rallies. Deckhand David Pascoe struggles with having to kill the lobsters and finally, Yawn Googles how to humanly kill a lobster.

A nearby yacht lends superyacht Lady Michelle their assistant chef, but her expertise is more in a supportive role. She doesn’t know how to prepare the lobster. “I try,” she says. Pascoe, who just endured having to kill the lobsters is taken aback. “I put my heart and soul into just murdering these f–king lobsters,” he says in a confessional. “And then the chef turns up and she can’t cook lobsters.” He laughs, “F–k!”

The crew plods on with the meal preparation, hoping beyond hope they can pull this off. The guests already know the chef is not on board so they are a little concerned about dinner even before it arrives. Stew Courtney Veale ends up troubleshooting with the assistant chef who is quickly proving to have cooking skills on par with the crew.

The first ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 6 guests have big complaints

Chief stew Katie Flood is supposed to create a “neon-themed” party and the charter guests give her glow sticks to add to the table. While she begrudgingly uses some of the decor, she goes light on the neon. “It hurts my soul,” she admits in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Yawn says in a confessional, “What’s happening in the galley right now, it’s a disaster.” Yawn cooks the lobster, but she seems unsure if she’s cooking it the right way. Eventually, the crew has to feed the guests and it is the moment of truth. “It sucks,” one guest says after significant silence and chewing. A primary guest says, “It’s disgusting.”


‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Features Some of the Biggest Kitchen Disasters and Meltdowns in the History of the Show

And while the crew gets through dinner service, the primary guest demands to see Yawn in her cabin. “You know this is not OK,” the guest tells Yawn. “Well, did you taste dinner? It was terrible.” Another guest pipes in with “unacceptable.” Yawn stands there nodding her head in acknowledgment. In addition to the food, the primary was angry that all of her neon decorations were not used.

“It’s never easy to hear criticism,” Yawn says in a confessional. “But I failed them. I have failed them.”

Will the crew rally and will Shea return? Find out on Below Deck Mediterranean every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.