‘Below Deck Mediterranean’: Why Hannah Ferrier Says Captain Sandy ‘Crushed’ Her Spirit

Captain Sandy Yawn and Hannah Ferrier had a working relationship on Below Deck Mediterranean. The latter was an OG cast member of the show and preceded Sandy — who joined in season 2 of the Bravo series. Ferrier was ultimately fired from the crew in season 5 by the captain and has drawn strong backlash. Now the former stewardess is opening up about the moment she was axed and why Captain Sandy “crushed” her spirit.

Captain Sandy Yawn and Hannah Ferrier
Captain Sandy Yawn and Hannah Ferrier | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Hannah Ferrier opens up about getting fired by Captain Sandy

One of the most controversial storylines in Below Deck Mediterranean history was the firing of Ferrier in season 5. The former Bravo star was axed from the crew by Captain Sandy after it was found she had Valium and a vape pen in her belongings. Ferrier maintains these were for her anxiety but they alleged it was a THC pen, which would be in violation of the rules.

Looking back at the moment, Ferrier recently reflected on why Captain Sandy crushed her spirit and the regrets she had as well.

“I just really tried so hard to turn things around with Sandy, and so at the end of the season, when she was like, ‘This isn’t your passion,’ like, that just crushed my spirit so badly,” Ferrier said during an appearance on the Everyone Is Terrible podcast. “My regret is probably trying to impress someone that was never going to be impressed by me because I took that so hard and I took it so personally.”

Hannah Ferrier posing inside the yacht for 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Season 4 portrait
Hannah Ferrier | Greg Endries/Bravo

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Hannah Ferrier doesn’t plan to work with Captain Sandy again

After Ferrier’s incident with Captain Sandy in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5, she has no intentions of working with her again. Ferrier acknowledged that Sandy has tried to contact her but she has no interest in maintaining a friendship.

“She sent me a message and she was like, ‘Oh hey, can I grab your address? I want to send a present for your baby,’” she said in the podcast. “I’m like, ‘No mate, I’m good.’ I didn’t respond because I was like, ‘Are you insane?’”

As far as Malia White, who fans point to as the snitch, Ferrier doesn’t entirely believe she’s being serious about regretting what happened in season 5. White recently talked about the backlash she has received on social media saying that viewers will not understand maritime law and that’s why they are finding it difficult to grasp what occurred.

Malia White and Hannah Ferrier smiling for their 'Below Deck Mediterranean' portraits
Malia White and Hannah Ferrier | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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“You will never be able to explain to people maritime law. You’ll never be able to explain the exact situation, how things actually went down. People will never understand because, to them, they’re seeing this portion of what happened, and that’s all you can expect them to understand,” White said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “So yeah, I think in surviving it, I turned my comments off for a while and that gave me a lot of peace. And I was just kind of like, ‘I don’t need those comments in my life.’ Yeah, definitely a big learning curve.”

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