Below Deck Mediterranean’s Hannah Ferrier Reveals Her Wildest Guest Request Ever Occurred During Season 5 (and Did It Pay Off?)

Hannah Ferrier fielded some pretty wild guest requests on Below Deck Mediterranean, but it was the mariachi band arriving via tender that left her speechless. She jumped through hoops for the guests, but did it pay off?

Why did Hannah Ferrier hire a mariachi band on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’?

Ferrier recently recalled the guest request she deemed to be the “craziest” in a Foxtel clip on Twitter. “So one of the craziest guest requests I got while filming Below Deck was a mariachi band to be brought in via tender, which is a small boat,” she recounted. “But [the guest] wanted them to be playing while they came up to the boat. So that was really easy to explain to people in Spanish when I don’t speak Spanish!”

Cameras flashed back to the band’s arrival via tender. Horns are heard playing from the superyacht as deckhand Alex Radcliffe dances for the guests. And while Ferrier deemed the request to be “crazy” the guests certainly appreciated it. They grabbed their cameras to capture the moment on video. The band even sang while walking up the yacht stairs, remaining in perfect harmony.

Below Deck Mediterranean from Hannah Ferrier on the radio
Below Deck Mediterranean from Hannah Ferrier on the radio | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

So why did the guests ask for a mariachi band? It was the primary’s birthday and the crew went all out to make it special. The pressure was also on during this charter. One guest, in particular, was vegan and obsessed with a mushroom dish chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran made early in the charter. Lorran had a hard time recreating the magic and struggled with the vegan orders. Thankfully the fanfare made up for any kitchen snafus … maybe.

Why was the mariachi band important during this ‘Below Deck Med’ charter?

The mariachi band score was important because the crew struggled with other aspects during this charter. For instance, Lorran had a hard time delivering vegan meals 100% of the time. He made pasta for the vegan guest who finally complained about having too much pasta. Lorran also didn’t have a vegan dessert during the primary’s birthday party.

Also, the interior crew fumbled breakfast service on the guests’ final day of charter. Third stew Jessica More was on breakfast service but Lorran wasn’t prepared when the guests were ready to eat. Also, Ferrier was busy chatting with the guests about their coffee orders. Captain Sandy Yawn looked upset and said, “What’s my chief stew doing?” she wondered, Vulture recounts. “I don’t see her leading.”

Yawn eventually takes Ferrier aside to ask about More’s performance, because she is so disturbed that the crew dropped the ball.

Did the ‘Below Deck Med’ mariachi band pay off?

Ultimately, the mariachi band was not enough to boost the tip amount. Yawn revealed that the guests left $15,000, which shakes out to $1,100 per crew member. But before the guests left the boat, they shared that the food was the main reason behind the lower tip amount.

“We just wanna start off by saying we’ve chartered yachts before,” the primary told the crew. “But this is amazing. We’re very, very grateful for the whole experience.” But, “I know some of the people, our friends, were not crazy about the food. A yacht this big should have incredible food.” The guests also noted that they ended up waited a long time for service too.” Stew Christine “Busy” Drake was called out as being an MVP of the charter.

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