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Is deckhand Lloyd Spencer‘s injury or illness the reason why Captain Sandy Yawn explodes on bosun Malia White this season of Below Deck Mediterranean? Spencer gets extremely ill and is seen being rushed to the hospital in the season 6 trailer, but he revealed he’s not the only one who experiences bumps and bruises this season.

Does Lloyd Spencer get injured on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Season 6?

Spencer played coy when it came to addressing exactly what led Yawn to become angry with White. “It’s an incident report, Malia,” Yawn says to White in the trailer. But when White tells Yawn she’s not a chief officer, Yawn becomes furious. “I don’t give a f–k!” Yawn screams back at her. “You should have come to me that he was hurt.”

The next clip shows Spencer vomiting off the side of the boat. “His blood pressure is really high, he has chest pains,” Yawn said. “He needs to go to the hospital.” Spencer doesn’t seem injured but he certainly appears to be seriously ill.

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:6 — Pictured: Lloyd Spencer — (Photo by: Laurent Basset/Bravo)

“Yeah, it was an issue that came about on the day,” Spencer said about his illness on the boat. “All I can say is I’m great now. Got all my limbs. Everything’s working. So yeah, I’m good and you’ll have to watch to find out more about it.” Spencer isn’t the first crew member to head to a local hospital this season. Chef Mathew Shea left before the first charter started to get an MRI on his injured knee. Thankfully, the injury was not serious, and he returned the next day.

Lloyd Spencer said the job can be very dangerous

The trailer also shows quite a few crew members wiping out during their drunken escapades. “I don’t remember every night out, but as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t fallen over,” Spencer laughed. But he said the job itself can be dangerous.

“Yeah, definitely. Every role [could result in] the different injury,” he remarked. “Like an engineer that’s dealing with electricity and high temperatures, especially when you’re working on deck. You could be working at heights.”

“The other main thing is when you’re coming to the dock or leaving dock when you’re dealing with lines,” he added. “You can have you know, you’ve got the boat, maybe it’s 900 tons and that line may be the only one holding the boat to the dock and you’re trying to release it. There’s a lot of tension under there. You know, there’s a lot of injuries that could possibly happen as well. It’s just being at sea. You’re far away from medical care a lot of the time. So it can be a very dangerous working environment.”

Lloyd Spencer described Ashton Pienaar’s ‘Below Deck’ accident as ‘terrifying’

Spencer said he watched Ashton Pienaar’s infamous “man overboard” Below Deck accident and said it was terrifying to watch. “That’s an absolutely terrifying scenario,” he remarked. “To even think about it to have to watch it.”


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He added that sometimes accidents are unavoidable. “I mean, you can have the best processes, but then someone might be having a bad day or someone has left a line laying somewhere. There’s always this little opportunity for a bit of someone to make a mistake or there to be a problem that they couldn’t see,” he said. “It’s not something that happens very regularly, thank God. But there are definitely scenarios where that could come into play.”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET/PT. New episodes will be available on Peacock one week early on Mondays.