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Malia White from Below Deck Mediterranean continues to recover from her scooter accident and was finally able to hit the road for a quick jog. And although the bosun is still dealing with some broken toes, she managed to log an enviable time, even while running in the Florida heat.

Malia White recovers from the scooter accident and is ready to go runinng

White explained on Instagram that exercise is her release and she was ready to stretch her legs after being cooped up on a couch. “Not too shabby a 5k time all considered!” she shared on Instagram along with a photo. “The temporary pain of running with some broken toes doesn’t outweigh the mental instability I suffer from sitting on the couch going days without exercise.”

Below Deck Mediterranean's Malia White
Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Malia White |Laurent Basset/Bravo

“Exercise has always been my release and without it I get very down & out,” she continued. “I’m thankful things weren’t worse and I am recovering quickly! Today I find out how much longer until I can be back on deck! Just need this elbow to heal.” White then shared her run time logged on her Apple Watch. She averaged just a little over an eight-minute mile, despite her injuries.

Below Deck Med’s Malia White often shares her workouts on Instagram

Being sidelined without exercise had to be tough for White since she is clearly a fitness enthusiast. She often shares workouts on Instagram and works out with a trainer when she’s home in Florida. She shared a workout she did in June before she returned to working on a boat. “Last workout with my trainer @scottcamoin before heading back to my boat! I’ll take a lot of these workouts with me to stay on track. I’ll miss ya homie! Until next time!” she captioned the impressive video.

She posted another video of her workout to Instagram in May after being away for some time. After a long time away not doing much fitness I’m back with my trainer @scottcamoin to help me get back in the swing of things!” she wrote. The video shows almost her complete workout too.

Malia White remained positive during her recovery from the scooter accident

White took a different type of scooter ride at her local grocery store. She is still recovering so she rode the aisles on a motorized grocery cart scooter and shared a video on Instagram. “Back on a bike in no time,” she captioned the video. “‘Get Buffalo sauce’ #priorities #buffalochickentacos.”


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She’s wearing a loose-fitting skirt as the road rash on her legs was still raw and healing. White slowly drove the motorized grocery cart down an aisle stopped “Get buffalo sauce,” she said rising from the scooter.

In late June, White was in a scooter accident while sightseeing in Spain with her crew. She stressed the importance of wearing a helmet in an Instagram post and shared photos of her injuries while she was hospitalized.