Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Fired Lexi Wilson: Why Did She Take a Softer Approach?

Captain Sandy Yawn took a gentle and kinder approach when she fired Lexi Wilson on Below Deck Mediterranean. While Yawn wasn’t privy to the explosive fights at the time, she recently explained why she wanted to part ways with Wilson on a positive note.

Why did Captain Sandy use a softer approach with Lexi Wilson?

“When I sit down with crew, obviously I invest in them,” Yawn explained during the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show. “So I don’t ever want someone who’s leaving the vessel to feel like they’re a total failure in life. There are other things that are at play here.”

Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean discusses her approach to firing Lexi Wilson
Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean discusses her approach to firing Lexi Wilson |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Yawn told Wilson she thought she was a good person, but said she doesn’t go out with the crew to know exactly what goes on during crew nights out. But Yawn told Wilson, “When you get in people’s faces and threaten them physically, especially in a workplace, that will never work for you. That’s something that I would really take a hard look at.”

Captain Sandy said she had to do what was best for the boat

“At this point, it’s not working with Lexi,” Yawn explained during the After Show. “Lexi showed improvement. And then she went back. I don’t think alcohol’s her friend, amongst many other of these crew members.”

“At the same time, we have a job to do,” she continued. Yawn told Wilson that the crew could not get along with Wilson, which is another reason why she had to fire her. “The many outweigh the one,” she told Wilson. “And I have to make a hard decision. And it’s not easy for me.”

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Yawn paused and then sighed. “I have to let you go,” Yawn told Wilson. Adding, “I’m really sorry that this came to this. Because I wanted to finish with my original crew.” Wilson took the news in stride and she almost seemed relieved to be leaving the boat.

“I have to do what’s right for the boat,” Yawn concluded during the After Show. “That’s how I decided.”

Do ‘Below Deck Med’ fans agree with how Lexi Wilson was fired?

Yawn also posted a meme on Twitter along with a caption. “Easiest way to knock a chip off someone’s shoulder is with a pat on the back! Have a great week everybody!” Some fans agreed that taking the high road was the best way to handle Wilson’s dismissal. “Great job in relieving Lexi of her duties. Tough decision in today’s society and all the potential fall-out. But the right call many wouldn’t have the backbone to make. Much respect,” a fan wrote on the thread.

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Other fans wished Yawn knew how intense the first fight was so she could have acted sooner. “About damn time Lexi goes,” another person commented on the thread. “I’m with Matt, she IS a horrible human being. She’s so mean, just a mean person. Hope YOU learn when watching the season back, that you had her stay way too long! She should’ve been fired after the 1st batch of threats & sexual assaulting Lloyd.”

A group of fans wished Yawn would have gone harder on Wilson considering the turmoil she created on the boat. “Captain Sandy watching the episodes as they air and realizing that Lexi is, in fact, utterly vile and NOT a ‘good human,'” one person tweeted, believing that Yawn was shocked viewing the footage. Of course, one fan couldn’t resist making this comment: “Now Lexi adds Capt Sandy to her list.”