Below Deck Med’s Chef Mathew Understands Why the Crew Told Him to Stop Talking About Sex Parties

Chef Mathew Shea said he now understands why the Below Deck Mediterranean crew told him to shut down talk about sex parties, adding that he was pretty embarrassed watching the footage. Shea and the crew were out to dinner after another demanding charter and Shea ordered an entire bottle of wine for himself. He admitted he was still getting used to the cameras and the job, so his stress level was pretty high.

Chef Mathew was coming off of a rough afternoon on ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Shea said he doesn’t remember what he said – of course until he had to watch the episode. “I mean, to be completely honest, I don’t fully remember that night,” he admitted to Bravo Insider. “And I drank, I had too much to drink. I hadn’t eaten,” he recalled. Shea also had a rough afternoon. He added, “I was angry. I was bust, as I like to say.”

Below Deck Mediterranean's Mzi Zee Dempers, Mathew Shea at dinner with the crew
Below Deck Mediterranean’s Mzi Zee Dempers, Mathew Shea at dinner with the crew | Laurent Basset/Bravo)

But then he saw the footage and his jokes about sex parties. A few crew members told him to shut down the inappropriate chatter, but he persisted. Then he became frustrated with the crew and stormed out of the restaurant and promptly quit. “I don’t fully remember that dinner,” he remarked. “But I feel bad if I was inappropriate, which it seems like I will be. I just saw the preview. From the preview, I look inappropriate, and everyone looks upset.”

Chef Mathew regrets quitting on ‘Below Deck Med’

Shea said he was still getting used to the crew and cameras, which may have led him to drink too much. “I was cool with everyone, but I was still, like, overwhelmed about the whole experience, you know, with the anxiety and new people, and you know, the cameras a bit still at this point,” he said. “It was just all of it. And getting drunk doesn’t help.”

He then had serious regret the following day. “Well, I woke up that morning so hungover and feeling awful,” Shea recalled. “Like, I can’t believe I did that. I was just starting to like it and like everyone. And I’d, you know, overcome my anxiety and nerves, and two charters had both gone really well. And it was just a drunk, horrible reaction.”

Did Chef Mathew apologize to the ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ crew?

Shea profusely apologized to the entire crew when he returned to the boat. “I know it’s on TV, so people will probably think I’m like this all the time, but never have I gotten that upset and overwhelmed, like worked up,” he said. “You only regret the things you don’t do. But at this point, I just want to finish the season and prove that I can do better.” The entire crew, especially Mzi “Zee” Dempers was appreciative of Shea’s apology. Dempers recently shared on Instagram how genuine Shea’s apology was and how much he appreciated it.


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He also understood why Captain Sandy Yawn already hired another chef when she thought he had quit. “I had accepted that it was my fault,” he recalled when Yawn told him she had replaced him. But he agreed to stay on for one last charter because the other chef was still in quarantine.