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Below Deck Med’s David and Zee ‘Magic Mike’ for Guests, but What Wild Moves Have Crew Made for a Tip?

'Below Deck' crews have made some outrageous moves to keep the guests entertained and score a good tip. And while the series showed some extreme guest requests, yachties in 'real life' shared some of their outrageous requests and what they have to do to score a good tip.

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew had to get creative when rain put a damper on any outdoor activities. So deckhands David Pascoe and Mzi “Zee” Dempers went the extra mile, rocking fireman costumes and doing a mock Magic Mike dance for the girls’ trip guests. This isn’t the first time the crew took one for the team in the name of keeping the guests entertained. The crew has met a slew of wild guest requests on the show, but they are no match for what yachties in the wild have done for a tip.

Some charter guests tell the crew to make sure the weather is nice

Some crew members report that guests have requested that the hot tub be filled with lobsters. Or asked that the crew hire U2 to play for their daughter’s birthday – at the last minute. Other requests include the last-minute creation of a beach cinema (the weather has to cooperate). Also, one guest wanted a French baguette to be delivered to the yacht when the boat was nowhere near France.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, and Aesha Scott prepare to meet charter guest requests
Below Deck Mediterranean’s Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier, and Aesha Scott prepare to meet charter guest requests |Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

One guest requested that tigers and elephants be present on a beach excursion for selfies. Plus some guests simply tell the crew that they need to figure out how to make sure their charter is rain-free. “When money is no object it’s sometimes hard to accept no as an answer,” Superyacht Crew Agency reports. “Superyachts have Pursers, Yacht Agents and Charter Brokers to help deal with the never-ending outrageous requests. But how much do the Superyacht owners actually know about the running and day-to-day operation of the vessel?”

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ crew sometimes go clubbing with the guests, but this goes to the extreme

It isn’t uncommon for the guests to request that the crew goes out on the town with them. But this crew member had to not only play wingman but rate potential guests to return to the boat. “One client had a fleet of yachts but would always charter an extra yacht as the after-party venue,” a crew member recalled to Boat International. “As part of his crew, I had to go clubbing with him and give all the ‘hottest’ girls a stamp to go to the party on the yacht. (I was allowed to stamp some guys — about a 4:1 ratio.) By the end of the week everyone knew me as the gatekeeper to get on the party yacht. The parties were really intense. I was pretty much nocturnal working for him.”

Other crew members shared outrageous food requests. “I once had a guest who wanted cucumber cubes cut to exactly 10 millimeters for breakfast. I had to use a ruler to ensure they were accurate,” a yacht chef shared.

Another yacht chef shared a story that would have made chef Adam Glick’s head explode. “The strangest request I received was Italian food with no garlic, onion, olive oil, salt or herbs (except basil, which could be put in whole and steeped but had to be removed before serving). Needless to say, that job did not last long.”

Yacht crews try to make last minute requests happen

Other requests are simply bizarre, not to mention annoying. One guest insisted the crew have an “inflatable crocodile and baby water floats” for water sports the next day. The guest made the request at 8 p.m. the night before so the crew had to scramble in order to make it happen. “One hire car and six hours later, we arrived back at the boat with the items,” a chief stew told Insider.


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Another stew said she was told to remove any broken candy pieces from the candy bowls. A deckhand recalled being told to simply become invisible. “On the deck side, [the most extreme request has] been to purposely keep my eyes down and not address the topless prostitutes on board,” he shared. “On the engineering side, it’s been to get in murky canal water to dig the ocean floor deeper and scrub the bottom of the boat.”