‘Below Deck’: Rhylee Gerber Shares What Real Fishing Is Like in Thailand

When Below Deck bosun Ashton Pienaar tried to take a group of charter guests fishing in Thailand, he returned empty-handed.

While he agreed to allow professional fishing expert deckhand Rhylee Gerber to run the excursion, he misjudged where the group should fish. The guests returned without catching anything. Then he tried to throw Gerber under the bus and blame her for the fishing fail.

Rhylee Gerber
Rhylee Gerber | Photo courtesy of Rhylee Gerber

Gerber recently shared that she went fishing in Thailand after the season wrapped. As a fishing boat captain in Alaska, Gerber is somewhat of a “fish whisperer” and uses her skills and experience to land the big fish. And boy, did she ever land some big fish.

She found the perfect location

Gerber shared a video detailing her fishing trip. She said the crew just finished filming so she decided to use her last day in Thailand to go fishing. She traveled about two hours away from where Valor was docked and shared she was about to fish in a 10-acre lake stocked with fish.

The fishing excursion, through Exotic Fishing Thailand, featured a gorgeous lake and mountain views which included over 60 of the most exotic fish in the world. She speaks quietly as she has four rods in the water. She adds that hoped to catch a big one.

As she pans her camera around the lake, small homes, and lush greenery pepper the mountainous terrain. Gerber is rocking her signature anchor necklace and a baseball cap.

She scores some big fish and an experience of a lifetime

Unlike during her excursion with Pienaar, Gerber lands some big fish. “After further research (and appropriate WiFi capabilities) my last day in Thailand 🇹🇭 , I was finally able to locate the fish,” she shared in her Instagram post.

Gerber still has her sense of humor intact after the season too. “It’s as if it hit me like a bus 🚌 (or thrown under one..) and I came across a stocked lake (man-made creation of populating an area where no fish existed prior) and sought out a bucket list item for me, the Arapaima (GTS),” she shared.

In addition to her video, Gerber shared a photo of some massive fish in the lake. “Here, I could easily spot the 300lb+ monsters 🐟 without the use of an ill equipped transducer (or bosun 😶) and with the proper bait, managed to snag a large red tail catfish along with a 60lb alligator 🐊 gar.”

Gerber looks back on the voyage with fondness, feeling thankful she was able to experience it and soak in a true fishing trip in Thailand. “I didn’t catch the Arapaima but s**t happens and rather than blame the owner after fishing for 6 hours in the pouring rain 🌧 and a fully stocked lake, I chose to take in the experience as one of appreciation and enjoy what it did offer me which was a solid day spent thoroughly enjoying my own company with a lovely afternoon of catch and release. 😘.”