‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Breaking Madison Stalker’s Trust Brought Georgia Grobler to Tears

Although she was trying to add context to what Madison Stalker was dealing with, Georgia Grobler from Below Deck Sailing Yacht seems to have broken Stalker’s trust.

Georgia Grobler, Byron Hissey
Georgia Grobler, Byron Hissey | Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In the latest episode, Grobler shared with chief engineer Byron Hissey that Stalker was dealing with considerable stress after her sister was murdered. Stalker was acting erratically at dinner and Hissey wondered why she was lashing out. However, Stalker expressed that she was annoyed that everyone on the boat was coupling up when new deckhand Chris Miller expressed an interest in Grobler.

Although Hissey was very understanding and compassionate, Stalker was angry with Grobler for sharing her personal news. Stalker confronts Grobler and while Grobler could have gotten defensive, she instead feels empathy and complete and utter remorse.

Grobler comes clean to Stalker

Instead of hiding that she shared Stalker’s personal backstory with Hissey, Grobler decides to come clean. “I have to tell you something now,” she says to Stalker. Grobler begins by telling Stalker that the crew was thrown off by her remarks during dinner.

Grobler continues by sharing with Stalker that the crew wondered if a trauma occurred in Stalker’s life. “And I answered … your sister was attacked,” Grobler quietly says. Stalker immediately reacts with anger.

“That’s not your place,” Stalker shoots back. Grobler immediately apologizes but Stalker is not in a mindset to even hear her. “That’s really f**ked up, Georgia,” Stalker says becoming increasingly upset. Grobler agrees and adds that’s why she told her.

“Whenever I have an emotion, to have it be about my sister is so beyond f**ked up,” Stalker says to Grobler. “I’m so done with this sh*t. My sister is not a thing. It’s f**king bullsh*t.” As Stalker rants, Grobler shrinks inward, appearing to be upset.

Grobler regrets that she shared the information

Stalker now seems devastated, feeling betrayed by the one person on the boat she truly trusted. Grobler tries to explain, telling Stalker she was trying to give the crew some insight into Stalker’s reactions at dinner.

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Stalker and Grobler’s discussion ends up becoming so loud, chief stew Jenna MacGillivray walks over to see what is happening. Stalker says the reason she was annoyed was the coupling on the boat, not her previous trauma. At this point, the entire fight is becoming a central focus as other crew members can hear Stalker reacting.

Although Grobler continues to apologize, Stalker reminds her it wasn’t her place to share her personal pain with others. “Oh, I’m pissed off,” Stalker says and walks away. She tries to explain and further apologize but Stalker is far too angry and annoyed to even hear her.

Grobler breaks down in tears

Grobler retreats saying that she can’t understand why Stalker became so angry. However, Stalker says in a confessional that her trust has now been betrayed. Meanwhile, MacGillivray tries to comfort Stalker and empathizes with her. She suggests that Stalker take a break and then return to reassess.

“I would have something weighing on me if I didn’t actually just say what I’ve done,” Grobler says in a confessional as she tears up. “If it was me, it would really f**king hurt. And I don’t like that I’m inflicting that on someone.” Grobler seems devastated she’s upset her friend and continues to sob in her confessional.

Finally, Stalker finds Grobler in the laundry room. Grobler apologizes again, adding that she feels humiliated to have been the “idiot” who upset her. Thankfully Stalker is ready to forgive and asks for a hug.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.